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Zhou Zheng Art Channel Interviews Art Consultant Michael Sean Degnan

Beverly Hills, California. 27th November, 2020. TV host Joey Zhou interviewed art consultant / curator Michael Sean Degnan for the Zhou Zheng Art Channel at the Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery in Beverly Hills. Michael Sean Degnan is the Senior Art Adviser and Media Marketing Director for the Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery, Ambassador at Mondial Art Academia, as well as an art consultant/curator in the fine art industry. He is also an award-winning artist under the name of Msean and works in a range of mediums - oil, ink, sculpture, wood, metal, and glass. It was also announced that he has been chosen to be one of the judges of the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) Los Angeles International Art Festival.

Michael Sean Degnan talked about the art gallery business and how he has managed to be one of the top selling art consultants in the world during this time. Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery is a premiere art gallery featuring internationally known master painters and sculptors in a variety of media and styles, including contemporary surrealism, abstract expressionism, sensually romantic, high relief sculptures, and heroic art installations.

Michael Sean Degnan gave Joey Zhou a tour of the gallery which included paintings and sculptures by Sir Daniel Winn, copper etchings by Salvador Dali, and a number of works from other prominent artists.

Joey Zhou is the host of the Zhou Zheng Art Channel and founder of the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) and The Beverly News.



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