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Xinyong Wang
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Xinyong Wang is an masterful artist with an innovative style who combines classical Chinese painting philosophies of “intertwined vividness and vitality" and “unconditional and introspective charm” with the three-dimensional, unrestrained bold and warm colors of Western paintings. In his paintings, he likes to use soft Chinese style ink lines that float on the canvas, and intermix them with Western-style oil painting brushstrokes.  His neat “Cun” style, brush strokes, mottled textures, formative ink spots, and iterative-wrinkling highlight the charm of the paint colors and further enrich the unique layers that intertwine in his art.

Wang studied at a well-known art school China and has been absorbed with painting and calligraphy for over 20 years. During this time, he has continually worked at enhancing his artistic skills. Simultaneously, he has devoted himself to researching new and innovative techniques for Chinese painting and calligraphy art.  Wang traveled to the United States, United Kingdom and other countries to study and travel abroad, absorbing the techniques of Western oil painting, fresco, sculpture, architecture, and other artistic styles. His artistic creations reflect the integration and of Chinese and Western techniques and styles, each with their own distinct flavor so that the fusion has become his own personal style.


Currently living in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, Wang has participated in many exhibits and workshops and traveled to  Beijing, Nanjing, New York, Santa Fe, J. Wayne STARK Galleries in Texas A&M University, Brazos Valley Art Center, Asia Study Center in Michigan State University.  Wang is a member of the Artists Association & Calligraphers Association in Jiangsu Province, Chairman of Jiangsu Micro Technology & Culture Co. Ltd, Executive Vice President of the US Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce and Deputy Director of the Culture and Arts Commission of the US Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce.

While Wang has a deep love and respect for the traditions of Chinese painting and calligraphy, he enjoys being innovative and creative with his art. He does traditional Chinese paper-cuts, which he carves and mounts using rice paper of different colors and textures. Through the painting, cutting, mounting, overlay and carving, he finally creates a three-dimensional collage effect of “bas-relief on rice paper.”  By using the proper lighting, he will also add subtle shadow effects. 

Flowers, birds, landscapes, insects, animals, characters, and buildings, are all the many subjects in his art works. You can see the  refined brushstrokes and details in artwork that are a part of his unique style - traveling between the Eastern and Western art worlds with no boundaries and no confinements. This is the cutting-edge artist Xinyong Wang.


Exhibitions and Honors:


Xinyong Wang 's works entered Shanghai Art Expo, Shanghai, China (December 2020)

“Art Essence” individual art exhibition at the Nanjing Jinling Hotel Art Center (June 2020)



Xingyong Wang's work “Blue and White Porcelain” was selected for the “Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China -- Collection of Chinese Artists”, convened and organized by Mr. Ding Shaoguang and Ms. Zhang Sujiu, Los Angeles, United States (March 2019)


Xingyong Wang's “Love Letters to Nature” solo art exhibition, Ning Zhou Gallery, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, USA, hosted by the East-West Cultural and Art Exchange Foundation (April 2018)

Xingyong Wang's calligraphy works won the silver medal of the first “Brilliant China Cup” National Calligraphy Competition held by China International Young Calligraphers Association (March 2018)



Xingyong Wang's “From East To West” individual works exhibition, Nanjing Jianye Art Space (April 2017).



Xingyong Wang's fine-brush painting “Timeless”, sold in Poly's 2016 Autumn Auction in Beijing, and the transaction price was RMB 92,000. (December 2016)

Xingyong Wang’s “Contemporary Buddha” hand-scroll works, sold in Sungari Spring Auction in Beijing, and the transaction price was RMB90,800 (May 2016)



Jiangsu TV “100 Art” column made a 15-minutes special report for Xingyong Wang, Nanjing (September 2015)

Xingyong Wang's “Ink Rhythm: From the East to the West” personal painting exhibition, Texas A&M University J. Wayne Stark Gallery, USA, his work “Under the Shade of Trees” was hosted by the Gallery (May 2015)

Fine Art works “The Wind is Passing” won the 3rd Place Winner in the Professional Division of Drawing of 2015 Judged Show, Brazos Valley Art League, Texas, USA ( January 2015) 



“The First Collection” magazine of Nanjing Press Group reported Xingyong Wang's works for many times on the “Recommendation Every Monday”



Participated in the “Six Artists’ Exhibition for Celebrating New Year” held by Nanjing Tangchenghui Art Center, Nanjing (January 2013)
“Ink Art” fine art works exhibition, the Ming Imperial Palace Art Gallery, Nanjing (January 2013)
Excellent works exhibition of Teaching Achievements, Training Center of Chinese Calligraphers Association, Beijing, China  (April 2013)
“China Peony Festival” Jiangsu Flower and Bird Painters Works Exhibition, Yangzhou (May 2013)



Calligraphy works were exhibited in the 8th Calligraphy and Seal Cutting New Talent Exhibition of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing (May 2012)
The art work “Pleasure of Autumn” was exhibited in the 4th New Artist Art Exhibition of Jiangsu Artists Association, and won the Outstanding Works Award, Nanjing (June 2012)

The art work “Silent” was exhibited in 2012 Jiangsu Elaborate-style Painting Exhibition, Nanjing (October 2012)


Excellent Calligraphy and Painting Graduation Exhibition of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (June 2011)


“Lotus Charm” personal painting exhibition, Spartan Village Art Space, East Lansing, Michigan, USA (November 2009) 2009 - Professional lecture and personal art show of Xingyong Wang, Asian Studies Center of Michigan State University, USA (November 2009)

Xinyong Wang Video
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