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Hanxiang Zhao

As an artist, Hanxiang Zhao has always been passionately immersed in Chinese ink art.  His freehand ink and wash paintings are full of life, bright colors, and fun, yet feature a profound artistic conception.  His unique shapes are precise and simple with few embellishments, while his choice of inks colors are vivid and bold, showing off his master skills in ink painting.  For Hanxiang Zhao, painting is a channel connecting the world outside the painting. The knowledge of nature and the perception of life can be expressed through ink and wash, and he can speak his artistic language freely in the art of brush and ink.

Hanxiang Zhao was born in 1964, and graduated from Wuhan Textile University (Wuhan Textile Institute of Technology).  He is a national first-class artist, guest Professor at Wuhan Textile University, Honorary Chairman of China's Ruzhou Artists Association, Special Advisor of SCO One Belt One Road Silk Road Culture China-Uzbekistan, Deputy Director of Calligraphy and Painting, Review Committee of Guangdong Collectors Association, and China Post Stamp Album Art Consultant.    

Hanxiang Zhao enjoys observing life, and is good at extracting artistic information from seemingly ordinary life scenes, and then meticulously embedding them on paper through ink and wash.  His artwork appeals to the praise and love of life, and as your eyes move around the painting, you can see a corner of life, and the artistic processing of "between the like and the not like”.  This is Hanxiang Zhao's unique artistic language, the infusion of spirit and the blessing of human feelings expressed through his exceptional skills in pen and ink. 

When Hanxiang Zhao is indulging in his brushstrokes, he is very focused on the spirit of life and the language of rhyme. Looking at his freehand ink and wash paintings, you always feel that each painting has a different air and rhyme flowing in the painting, which makes the air and temperament of the painting come together and complement each other. For example, when painting a rooster, he uses the ink with a great amount of flexibility and variety. He constructs different ink structures into the rhythm, giving richness and texture to the object he is painting. In addition, his ink pen is extremely precise, using different pen marks and styles to express the structure and texture of the rooster, and different strokes to create different auras. His technique of a stroke, one outline and one stroke, is also the evidence of Hanxiang Zhao’s inner emotional rhythm.

“Vivid spirit" and "humanistic spirit" are the two major characteristics of Hanxiang Zhao's ink paintings.  In the tradition of Chinese ink painting and culture, he continuously refines his brushwork, and then also adds his own style and integrates the feelings of literati into his paintings. He uses his brush to  capture the spirit of nature, watching the flow of ink create the fields and ponds. With the accumulation of years and decades as an artist, his paintings have increasingly highlighted the weight of life and the human spirit, bringing a new artistic light to Chinese ink.

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