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Haoyue Tan (or Tan Haoyue) was born in Chongqing, China in 1999.  She graduated from Chongqing Art School in 2016, and is currently living in Chongqing.  She is a member of the China Contemporary Women's Painting Association and the New Knight International Art League.  Tan's artwork is collected by many art collectors and institutions, including the Chinese Contemporary Art Museum in Chongqing, Shangdaoi, China.


Exhibitions and Honors:
2016  The First Exhibition of Representative Works of Famous Contemporary Chinese Painting and Calligraphy (Beijing)
2016  "Across * Orientalism" China 21 Art Alliance Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition (Shenzhen)
2016  The Incarnation of the Soul-Chinese Contemporary Female Artists Annual Tour Exhibition (Beijing)

2017  Silver Award at the First Exhibition of Representative Works of Contemporary Chinese Female Calligraphers and Artists (Beijing)
2017  March 8th International Women's Labor Day Artist Excellent Works Network Exhibition (Beijing)
2017  China Contemporary Art Alliance 2017 Annual Exhibition (Beijing)
2017  Shushui Nourishes Heart" Chinese Contemporary Women's Art Exhibition (Chengdu)
2017  "Ignorance and Fearless" (Editor of "Asian Art", Chu Si)
2017  The 2nd China Contemporary Female Calligraphy and Painter Representative Works Exhibition (Beijing)
2017  Wang Xiaojian Collection and Invitation Exhibition (Chongqing)
2017  Included in the "Chinese Contemporary Art Document 2016"


2018  The 3rd National Invitation Exhibition of China Contemporary Women's Painting Association (Beijing)
2018   "Her Vision 112" Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing)
2018  "Shandong Culture" Spring Auction 2018" (Artron Chongqing)
2018  "Beijing Xia Season Exhibition 18"
2018   "Contemporary China Paris Art Exhibition" (Paris)
2018   The First "Abstract Beijing" New Contemporary Abstract Art Exhibition (Beijing)
2018   Included in the "Chinese Contemporary Art Document 2017"


2019   Intensity 11 First China Expressionist Painting Touring Exhibition (Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou) Silver Award
2019   Da Yi Jia Summer Exhibition 19  (Shanghai)
2019.  New York One One Contemporary Art Exhibition
2019   Europe China Europe 2019 International Auction Exhibition (Budapest)
2019  Preface. Visual Art Exhibition (Beijing)
2019  "Willful Youth-Tan Haoyue and Her Paintings" (Yang Wei, People's Daily Online, etc.)
2019  Included in the large-scale art document "Chinese Women's Art" Representative Artist (1949-112019 Beijing)
2019  "Wall Street Times" published full-page Tan Haoyue oil paintings (Manhattan, New York)
2019.  "Looking Up at the Bright Moon One by One Impression of Tan Haoyue" (Amber)
2019   "Tan Haoyue Oil Painting Collection" (New Century Press, New York)


2020   2019 Art Songzhuang Annual Exhibition and Songzhuang Art Forum 7th Anniversary Annual Meeting (Beijing New Talent Award)
2020  The 2nd International Abstract Network Exhibition

Other Honors:

2013 Asian International Music Competition Chinese Youth Chongqing District Junior High School Vocal Award First Prize, Piano Second Prize
2014 Hong Kong International Youth Arts Classic Junior High School Group Vocal Gold Award, Piano Silver Award

Media and Published Articles:
Articles published in magazines such as "Art Market", "Collection Circle", "World Poet" and other publications such as the People's Daily Online, Baidu Encyclopedia, Youku,, China Fine, China Calligraphy and Painting Collection.

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