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Shuai Tan (Chinese name Tan Shuai) was born in Chongqing, China in 1966 and studied art at the Chongqing Light Industry School.  He finished his studies and began his career as an artist exhibiting his artwork, while working as an instructor from 1986 to 2005.  Today, many art institutions and collectors have collected his artwork.  He has been published with media coverage by over a hundred different media organizations, both in China and abroad -  Toutiao, Global Art Network, Sogu, Sogou, Netease, Phoenix News, Chinese and Foreign Art Network, Baijiahao, Daily Express, Yidian Information, Douban, UC, 360 Art, and many others.

As an artist, he has his own personal style and concept about art - "Painting is a visual art. The first thing that pierces people's perception is intuition. Although theory is important, it is not the painter's primary focus. They are more concerned with the subject and direction of painting, how to paint it, and what style and technique they should use. When deciding what the content should be, the artist needs to have the technical skills on how to draw. Otherwise, it is impossible to talk about art as a painter.

​Exhibitions and Honors:

2021 - First New International Art Exhibition
2021 - Won the "Most Influential Artist" in the 2020 CADC Influential Artist Selection

2020 - 2019 Art Songzhuang Annual Exhibition-and Songzhuang Art Forum 7th Anniversary Annual Meeting. Beijing Songzhuang Jindu 21 Clubhouse.
2020 - Several domestic media reports "The Colorfulness of the Earth-Painter -Shuai Tan"
2020 - The Beauty of Abstraction-Group Joint Exhibition (2)
2020 - The 4th New International Art Exhibition 2020
2020 - “Art Exhibition China” - Multimedia special report in appreciation of Shuai Tan's oil paintings.
2020 - “The Power of Art” Italian Exhibition of Chinese Painters.
2020 - Banlan Crust-Tan Shuai, jointly launched by hundreds of media outlets.

2019 - Artwork entered into the Artnet Contemporary Artists Database.
2019 - Intensity - The First Touring Exhibition of Chinese Expressionist Paintings, Feng Art Museum, Beijing; Fanrong Art Museum, Suzhou; Hello World Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2019 - "Contemporary Art Exhibition" in New York, USA
2019 - "The Art Space of Painter Tan Shuai" - Media coverage - Phoenix News, Global Art Network and many other large media articles.

2018 - "2018 Contemporary Art Spring Auction" (Artron). Oil Painting "Bright Future" (60×80cm) was auctioned for RMB 110,000.
2018 - Artwork published in the 198 issue of Collecting World.
2018 - Arwork included in the limited-edition collection stamp album of China Post "Cultural Power, National Power" and released.

2017 - Work published and collected in the "World Poet" magazine.

2013 - "Return" Contemporary Art Exhibition (Nanjing).

2005 - "Vision" Contemporary Art Exhibition (Guilin).

1997 - "China Light Industry System Art Exhibition" (Beijing).

1991 - "Yang Zijiang - Three Gorges" painting exhibition.

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