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Daniel Liau Wee Seng is an artist and oil painter from Malaysia with many accomplishments. He is a Da Hong Pao oil painter of Tianjin People's Fine Arts and studied under Soviet master Gregory Pototsky and Chinese master Xu Min.  Daniel is a member of the France Nasledie Cultural Heritage Society, member of the France Destructuratisme Figuratif Association, President of ICCPA Malaysia, member of Overseas Chinese Artists Association, and received the USA NASDAQ Billboard Recognition for a Broadcast Exhibition Artist.

Many of Daniel Liau Wee Seng's artwork are collected by famous collectors and organizations including the Chairman of Southeast Asian Cooperative, Dato Abdul Fattah Abdullah, Malaysian Co-operative Unit, Chairman of USSR Ministry of Culture, Mr. Alexander, Former President of CIMB Bank, Tan Sri Kamarul Ariffin, Barshu, UK, and host and entertainer, Lin Derong. 

Exhibitions and Accomplishments

2015 - Received the Honor of the Malaysia-China Friendship Contribution Award from the wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia

2016 - Invited by the Sultan of Selangor, Malaysia into the palace for a cultural exchange and was also invited by the Department of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, China for a cultural exchange

2017 - Solo Exhibition at the Russia Science and Cultural Centre and Received the Honor Recognition of High Level Oil Painter. Alexander Gulko, President of the Russian Center for Science and Culture, also presented him with a certificate of artistic honor and recognition for his work.

2018 - Six Artist Exhibition at Beijing International Art Center in China

2018 - Works selected for the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up in the Museum of Chinese History exhibition,

2018 - Participated in a jointly organized by the European Philatelic Association, American Philately Group and China Landscape Painting at the Beijing International Art Center. Invited to participate in the Belt and Road, Silk Rhyme Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

2018 - Artwork published by China Post in four countries: China, the United States, Holland and France, and honored as one of the world's outstanding Chinese artists.

2018 - Artwork were selected for the 54th anniversary of China and France to be issued with stamps and exhibited in Paris, France

2018/2019 - Artwork selected for the exhibition of Malaysia Art Fair.  The exhibition has been appreciated by tens of thousands of people, and China's prince also attended the viewing


2019 - Malaysia's only oil painter artwork appearing on the USA NASDAQ big screen.  Issued a certificate of selection

2019  - (SPIEF) - China-Russia International Economic Forum 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between China and Russia Art Festival and was awarded special contribution award 

2019 - Invited to participate in the 24th session of Guangzhou art exhibition boutique area


2020 - Invited to participate in the exhibition by the Grand Palais museum in Paris, France 

2020 - Participated in the International Black and White Art Competition, two works were selected as the finalists and won the Glory Award. The art was works exhibited on the American Online for two months

2020 - Harbin Art Museum Exhibition, China

2020 - Invited to Russia in St. Petersburg Palais Bullov Palace Exhibition (UNISVERSARTS)


2021- Russian Moscow Museum Exhibition

2021- Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Exhibition

2021- Invited to the Soviet Union St. Petersburg solo exhibition


2022 - Invited to the London Royal British Art Society Exhibition

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