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Xiaomu Feng

Xiaomu Feng was born in Beijing, China in 1978, and graduated from the Art Photography Department at Capital Normal University. Feng worked as photographer for government leaders, and participated in many national events including the return of Macau, China's first manned spacecraft, the Relay of the Beijing Olympic Torch to Mount Everest in 2008, and other significant events.  

In 2019, Feng held an exhibition in Los Angeles and kicked off a world tour of his photographs which includes animals, landscapes, plants, and people. He is a member of China Wildlife Conservation Association, and travels around the world each year to photograph endangered animals. 

    •    National Senior Photographer
   •    Partner of Xiaojiu Photography Design Studio
   •    WOW! ECP! Sponsor of Product Photography Forum
   •    Self Media People of Youku
   •    Self Media People of Sohu
   •    Lecturer & Consultant of E-Commercial Photography at HuaTang Education Institution
   •    Lecturer at Tsinghua University Human Resources Institute
   •    ECWA Trainer
   •    BenQ AQCOLOR Certified Color Manager


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