Jiannan Huang

Jiannan Huang, also know as Miao Jian, is a national first-class artist in oil painting and traditional Chinese painting. He is the winner of the Gold Medal of the Global Charity Alliance and was awarded the title of "Earl" by the Indonesian Royal Family.  Since 2015, Jiannan has ranked in the top ten in the Hurun Art Ranking and ranked fourth in the Hurun Art Ranking in 2019. The Hurun Art Ranking in 2020 has Jiannan ranked third and is one of the top ten painters for both oil painting and traditional Chinese painting.  Jiannan is ranked 21st in the Top 500 Global Contemporary Artists of Artprice, the authoritative website of European and American art.


Jiannan has received many awards including the 2020 National Lei Feng Advanced Person and 2019 National Charity Top Ten Influential Person. Employed as a part-time researcher of the Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University for two consecutive terms, Jiannan holds several positions including director of the Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association, overseas art general adviser for the "Olympic Cheers" organizing committee, member of the French National Artists Committee, art consultant for the World Low Carbon Cities Alliance, France Jiny City Gold Medal Honorary Citizen.  


In his early years, Jiannan walked more than 38,000 kilometers across China, traveled north and south, and went deep into desert villages and towns to experience life, sketch creation, and accumulate materials and experience for creating his art. In 2017, Jiannan signed a contract with the historic French ROSSINI auction house. Many successful auctions of Chinese paintings and oil paintings have indicated that Jiannan Huang's works have officially entered the mainstream auction market in Europe and the United States. At the same time, he is also one of the very few Chinese artists who has successfully entered into the mainstream European auction market. He is also a senior consultant of American "Beverly Art" and one of the few artists on the list, with less than ten in the world.

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