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Jiannan Huang - World Class Artist and Leader in Contemporary Art

Jiannan Huang is a Chinese artist and oil painter, who is ranked on the 2019 Hurun Art List as one of the top ten artists in the world. He also has a career in the technology and business world, and is currently the leader of multiple international initiatives to help combat the Covid-19 pandemic. He attended college and spent his early career in the United States, working for IBM and Microsoft, then returning to China where he currently lives and works. His artwork often shows a fusion of East and West art techniques, which has become a part of his artistic style. He likes to innovate and create refreshing works of art based on new techniques and the influences and experiences in his life.

Huang believes that in order to show his paintings to the world, he must make them remarkable and unforgettable for the viewer. He therefore works to create his own unique art techniques and uses a variety of mediums and materials for his artwork.

While he is an accomplished artist in traditional Chinese ink and painting, he likes to focus his Chinese paintings on colorful landscapes with bold colors to express the rich vitality of today's contemporary life.

At times, Huang likes to break the conventional methods and traditions and exaggerate the reality of the subject to reflect a more transcendentalist expression, especially in landscapes, objects, and subjects in natural settings.

Huang has received many awards for his art, and he is one of the few Chinese artists who have successfully entered into the mainstream auction market in Europe and America. According to Artprice, one of the leading authorities on the art market, Huang is one of the top 20 artists in worldwide contemporary art sales, with auction prices bringing in over one million dollars for his artwork.

Last year, Huang was honored by The Beverly Arts at an event in Beverly Hills for his accomplishments. He wasn't able to attend, but was given a certificate by Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe.



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