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Author: Joey Zhou

Genre: Worship style

Style: Neoclassical

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Author's Notes: While I am a young man who does not understand Greek, I wrote "Zoë Mou, Sas Agapo" to pay tribute to the poetry of Lord George Gordon Byron. Lord Byron is considered one of the greatest English poets, and one of the leading figures of the Romantic movement. "Zoë mou, sas agapo" comes from the ancient Greek language and means "You are my life and I love you". In modern Greek it would be written “Σε αγαπώ“. After reading Lord Byron's poem "Maid of Athens, Ere We Part", I was inspired to write this poem and decided to translate the title into ancient Greek: "Zoë Mou, Sas Agapo".

The Chinese have asked for nearly a thousand years, "What is love in the world? The direct teaching of life and death promises to each other." This sentence also comes from the classic works of a great Chinese writer in the Jin Dynasty. I am using this poem to answer this question asked by Haowen Yuan 700 years later.

Zoë Mou, Sas Agapo

(Tribute to Lord Byron)

A pull,

Originated from the virtual touch of the screen;

In the blink of an eye,

From waking up in the morning to falling asleep at night,

A dream,

Like rain like wind and like fog like clouds,

Once in my arms,

Reincarnation of life and death farewell to a hundred times.

Zoë mou, sas agapo

What is love, faith is close to the heart,

There is loyalty, unswerving, boldness, and timeless classics;

Life and death promise happiness to call the other shore,

Not in vain to know each other, not in vain to meet, not in vain of this trip, not in vain of life

Zoë mou, sas agapo

A pull,

That moment of love is realized virtually;

In the blink of an eye,

Thinking and fantasy overlap between dream and awakening;

A dream,

Thousands of miles of the country has so votive;

Once in my arms,

The soul is back and forth;

Zoë mou, sas agapo

Written: February 22nd, 2021 on a Los Angeles Night

Earl Jiannan Huang is one of the world's finest artists and currently the only artist who has appeared on the Hurun Art List (Chinese version of Forbes List ) for six consecutive years in both oil and traditional Chinese painting. Huang is ranked 21st in the “Top 500 Global Contemporary Artists” of Artprice, an authoritative website for European and American art. At the same time, Huang Jiannan is also one of the few Chinese artists to be included in the "Beverly Arts Certified artists“ and “Nominated to be the first of 2021 LABA 100 Most Global influential Artists Icon Awards”. Because of his perfect combination of Chinese painting and Western oil painting, he is sometimes called an "Oriental Monet" or a Chinese contemporary of the well-known Dutch-American abstract expressionism artist Willem de Kooning. 

In his works, the colors in the oil paintings are based on western influences, but the clouds, water, fog, and other elements are often based on the styles and flows of traditional Chinese paintings. Huang likes to explore the new styles of painting and often combines the charm of traditional Chinese painting techniques with his own secrets of new things, so that the content of his work continues to evolve and is changed considerably for his new works.

In the eyes of many people, Jiannan Huang’s painting style is very different. Oil portraits are as splashy as Chinese paintings, and Chinese portraits are beautiful as oil paintings. There is sometimes no discipline in the composition. Time and space can drift in the picture, and the image created has strong visual impact. In fact, every painting has its own unique ideological foundation hidden in it. They are derived from life, but the creative methods that break the convention and innovate are given new vitality.

Jiannan Huang works break the conventional creative methods of the academic school, and use the expressive means of transcendentalism to boldly exaggerate, reflecting his subjective reveries about natural objects. With concise shapes, pure colors, the strongest complementary colors and ideal colors impact the viewer's vision, just like a wild animal world. Some colors are close to roaring, some are peaceful and quiet, and some are full of romance. Perhaps his innocent and persistent temperament is very close to that of Henri Matisse, one of the greatest colorists of his time, so his color style is full of variety - boldness, contrast, peacefulness, and sometimes creating tension and emotion at the same time.

Huang's traditional Chinese paintings are based on the contemporary basis to learn, learn from, explore and digest traditions. He positioned his Chinese painting as heavy-color ink and wash landscape painting. Contemporary Chinese color ink paintings require the painter to grasp the pulse of the times with the historical perspective and the wisdom of philosophers, listen to the heartbeat of the universe, pay attention to the destiny of mankind, insight into society, and understand life. After a long period of painstaking efforts, Huang splattered ink and color on the scroll like splashed ink. This new painting technique combining ink and color is still very rare in contemporary times. Huang has subtly integrated the painting skills of oil painting into the style of traditional Chinese ink painting, forming his own unique artistic style of Chinese painting.

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Author: Joey Zhou

Music: Selected excerpts from "The Phantom of the Opera"

When the excuse for death is life,

I am your breath,

When the excuse of life is love

I am you!

Author's notes: Think about how many great poets in history have left us with catchy phrases, including Li Bai's "Quiet Night Thoughts", Du Fu's "Spring Night Xiyu", Li Qingzhao's "Slow Voice. Search and Search", and Yeats, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature for his poetry, "When You Are Old", a poem that is still popular today.

Therefore, whether the poems you write become widely circulated quatrains or not, Du Fu once said that "The words are not surprising and the death is endless". It's not even a literary prize that has the final say on the success of a poem. For example, the Neustadt International Prize for Literature held every two years at the University of Oklahoma is very serious. Haruki Murakami has repeatedly missed being selected. Of course, the Nobel Prize in Literature is certainly a world standard. Look at Tomas Tranströmer, who was selected by the Nobel Prize in 2011, you are lucky if you can read it. Because reading it will immediately realize a unique aesthetic meaning.

Let me talk about the poem "Excuses" that I wrote in February 2018. In fact, this is a love poem, and I even plan to take this love poem to the world to play in the ring, and see if I can choose the best love poem in the world. I have always had this ambition. Unfortunately, I went looking for original poems today, but I couldn't find the whole poem. Of course, I still vaguely remember the previous transitional sentences, an "airport of cappuccino " and "diffusion of white roses". Only these four sentences can stay and be recited repeatedly by myself. I remember an American reporter interviewed me on Valentine's Day at the Women's Club of Beverly Hills in 2019. I actually shook out the English translation of the last four sentences of this poem.

Yeats' "When You Are Old" only has "how many people love your radiant youth, and only one loves the painful wrinkles on your aging face." It is deeply moving. Love poems are written well, and it is estimated that they will have to be hurt. At least Yeats is like that, his deeply-loved Maud Gunni has been playing with his feelings. In the end, she did not even attend Yeats' funeral. Yeats really loves the wrong person. However, love for the wrong person has little to do with whether poetry can become a quatrain, or at least a paradox. The Nobel Prize for Literature has not forgotten him, and readers of later generations have not forgotten him.

It is not difficult to spend the time to write a longer poem for "Excuses", but I don't want to find it anymore. I do not want to fall into a feeling of pain and embarrassment by having only written four sentences, which is a quantrain by today's standards. It doesn’t matter if you send it to someone, as it could also be assumed that someone might have written it to us.

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