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Wenkang Xue
  • 2017 International Registered Senior Interior Designer (ICSID) - American Certification Association (ACI)

  • Senior Interior Designer of China Building Decoration Association (CBDA)

  • Senior Interior Designer, International Association of Building Decoration Interior Design (ICDA)

  • French Character Award TOP 10 Most Influential Innovative Designer in the World

  • Top 100 Global Influential Chinese Designers (USA)

  • 2019 Sino-US International Exchange Exhibition, Los Angeles City Hall, USA Special Honor

  • Sino-US Ambassador for International Design and Cultural Exchange

  • Chairman, Design Director - Grand Hyatt Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., LTD.

  • General Manager - Honghe Liansheng Decoration Engineering Co., LTD

  • Designer of Kangda Decoration Design Center, General Manager

  • Red Star Macalline - Home Aesthetics Design Center Invited Designer


  • 2007 - Present:  Design Director and Chairman of Grand Hyatt Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., LTD.

  • 2007 - Present:  General Manager of Honghe Liansheng Decoration Engineering Co., LTD

  • 1999 - 2007:  General Manager of Dongtian Decoration Engineering Co., LTD.

  • 1997:  General Manager of Fuhua Decoration Engineering Co., LTD

Projects and Main Representative Works:

  • Interior Design of 80 mu (about 13 acres) Resort Hotel in Gejiu Hetian Folk Custom Village, Yunnan

  • Interior Design of Runyuan Hotel, Wenshan City, Yunnan

  • Yunnan Gejiu Tax Office building

  • Yunnan Gejiu Bridge Wealth Center commercial complex

  • Sichuan Chengdu Zihuang 8,000 square meters TV quantity selling Song City

  • Shenzhen 36mu (about 6 acres) Bihai Bay golf Emerald Minghui driving range design

  • Yunnan Kunming Lake Wei Cheng Golf Yue Lake County French villa design

  • Shenzhen Yide Xuan Haitang Road 1,500 square meters villa design

  • Design of 65 mu (about 10 acres) villa manor in Hanoi Ruan, Vietnam

  • 1903 Pine cone Italian Western food bar in Dianchi Resort Park, Kunming, Yunnan

  • Vietnam Nam Keung Group Sales Department 5,000 square meters

  • Yunnan Fenglong Bay International Holiday Center 5,000 square meters model house

  • Seaview Mansion, No.1 Shenzhen Bay

  • Shenzhen Centrair International Care chain flagship store in Greater China (Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen)

  • China Resources Qianhai Office Building, Baoneng Group, Shenzhen

  • Southeast Asia Resort, Myanmar

  • Third space Belgium Renas REYNAERS Import Doors and Windows flagship store, Shenzhen

  • Byd Sky Villa in Shenzhen

  • No. 1 Southeast Asia Holiday Villa, Chengtou Bay, Kunming, Yunnan

Awards Judge:

  • 2018 Professional Judge of the Golden Wall Home Decoration Design Competition

  • 2018 Professional Judge of the Dali Star Design Competition

  • 2018 Judge of the Discovery International Peron Cup Fitting Design Competition

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