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LABA/Los Angeles International Biennial Art Festival
2022 - 2024


Xiuwen Wang

Xiuwen Wang, also known as Karma Zhengdan, is a female artist known for her fine art painting and calligraphy. She is also an assistant researcher of Chinese painting at the College of Chinese Medicine, China Jiliang University. Her artwork and calligraphy has received many awards, and has been collected and auctioned by professional collection institutions.


Wang has been passionate about art, calligraphy, and painting since she was a child. She was influenced by her family in her early years to study hard, master the techniques of traditional calligraphy and painting, and pursue her dream to become an artist. Eager to learn, she mastered her artistic skills at a young age, and worked hard to develop her own style and creativity, studying under Zeng Gang, a famous contemporary calligrapher and painter in China.


As a student, she was very motivated to develop her skills. She drew one sketchbook after another, laying the foundation for her experience and knowledge as an artist. In addition to sketching, Wang also read a large number of Chinese and foreign art books to better understand the different techniques used by Western, Chinese, and European artists. She enjoys art history and learning about the past as well as studying the work of contemporary artists, both of which are an influence on her artwork today.


As an artist, Wang is characterized by her strong foundation in Chinese painting and calligraphy, and the use of emotion to construct scenes and situations that connect with each other. For Wang, life is the source of her creations. She enjoys painting landscapes and often uses the scenic beauty of the city of Hangzhou as the theme, incorporating her personal emotions as the driving force of her art piece. Hangzhou is a popular city in China, with its lush green hills and majestic mountains surrounded with beautiful rivers, lake, and cultural attractions. She is part of the Hangzhou painting and calligraphy circle, and is known for her strong mastery of technique that she incorporates into her own interpretative style.


Through subjective interpretation of natural scenery, she tries to follow the form of the object, and choose colors according to the image that comes to her mind through her heart.  She skillfully unifies elements that are in line with the spirituality of the landscape she is painting, and implements her own knowledge and talents into her brushwork. While some artists break away from the techniques of the masters because of their experience, others such as Wang, like to create their own artistic rules that come from their hearts.

In Wang’s ink painting, you can see the spirituality of a landscape flowing out from the pen and ink. The simple pen and ink, lines, and composition are extraordinary. Her love for mountains and rivers is sincerely represented in her artwork. The landscape painting titled "Jiangnan Scenery" is perhaps her most representative work. Breezes, clear streams, ancient trees, mountains, rocks, and peaks are all presented in the painting. A sense of immersion is felt, as if the image is reflected in front of your eyes. At a glance, it seems that the branches and thousands of leaves are moving at the same time. It is like being in a dream, and the viewer can sense the movement of the twigs and leaves of the landscape every time you breathe in and out, giving it a life of its own.


In addition to receiving awards for her work and participating in exhibitions, Wang has also actively participated in calligraphy and painting competitions across China. Her artwork "Love in Mountains and Rivers" won the third prize in the 2020 "Modern Masters. Chinese Celebrity Cup" National Calligraphy and Painting Art Competition, and her work "Landscapes and People" won the third prize in 2022. Her painting titled "Shengshi Painting" won the Silver Award at the National Calligraphy and Painting Biennial Exhibition.

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