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Van Gogh Immersive Experience

Author: Joey Zhou

When my feet entered the Van Gogh exhibition on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood in the autumn of the 21st century, I didn’t know if the hands of my soul touched the Auvers-sur-Oise in northern France that summer at the end of the 19th century. Vail’s small town. The life of 37-year-old Vincent Van Gogh finally ended in that small town. Before he ended his life, he begged the people in the town to let him stay, and he even cried and begged...

Vincent Van Gogh has always been self-willed since he was born. He was self-willed by his parent's orders, self-willed in the desolate missionary life, self-willed in tossing and turning love, self-willed in normative and rebellious artistic creations. In short, he always insisted on being self-willed. He used his instincts and forgot to run for three meals a day, even though he once lived a decent life in The Hague as a trader in painting.

Does Vincent's last painting "Crows in the Rye" herald his own true interpretation of life? If a creator perceives life as a beating heartbeat, it is difficult for such a soul to return to the real world, just like his strange love for three women and the loyalty of the idealized Gauguin. Vincent condensed all the essence of his life that he tried his best to condense.

Vincent did not commit suicide. He died on his own initiative. He pursued his purest affection between life and death. After the gunshot, he staggered back to his house, at least as if I could still hear the group of crows constantly above the wheat field. The wailing.

Written in Los Angeles 9/14/2021


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