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"The Oath of Paris" - A Poem

Author: Joey Zhou

Translated from Chinese original poem by Joey Zhou

It's been 15 years since Paris...!

How many oaths have you taken in your dreams

I want to come back to find you...!


"Woke up early in the morning with French eggs in the breakfast nook of the hotel near the Eiffel Tower and the wind of the Seine"


"The ice cream shop outside the cemetery of celebrities and the flowers and souls in front of the tombstones are the same mood as Rousseau's "Confessions" that day that month."

Paris, what can match you?

The beauty of Esmeralda or the loyalty of Quasimodo?

Or is it Krod's conspiracy or Phoebe's conspiracy?

Actually none of them! ! !

Paris needs to continue the romance and love like La Traviata.

So forget the Arc de Triomphe to hug

Forget about the paintings of the Louvre

And sculpture like Venus,

And the idle walking on the Champs-Élysées

In a hurry,

The Moulin Rouge with extravagant red wine.

Looking back,

It reminds me of that green linen shirt and light yellow bath towel,

These deep memories

You can always think of brilliant performances at the Paris Opera.


When you make me feel inferior and die as a barbarian,

I escaped...

Because I know well,

Only great love is worthy of your name.



Let the graceful sky capitalize again:

"Farewell, Paris!"

Written 3/1/2017 in Los Angeles, California.



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