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"The Narcissus Story" - A Poem

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Author: Joey Zhou

Translated from Joey’s Chinese poem

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This is a fictional love poem that is meant for mature audiences, and those who understand that most love poems are the result of lust. For example, in the well-known love poem, "When You Are Old", William Butler Yeats writes about his unswerving love for a woman, Ms. Maud Gonne, expressing his love for her beyond her external beauty, and lasting through the years of time. While their relationship didn't last, he wanted her to look ahead into old age, and feel the regret of not choosing him for the rest of her life. You see, "Someone loves your radiant youth, because they are deeply attracted by your beauty, and only one loves the painful wrinkles on your aging face."

Yeats was trapped by love most of his life, and while Maud would not marry him, he did succeed in life as a poet and was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1923. In addition to this love poem I wrote, "The Narcissus Story", I also wrote another love poem called "Excuses" that has a similar tone - "When the excuse of death is life, I am your breath, and when the excuse of life is love, I am you."

How are you, dear Narcissus? !

How to say, riding a great dusty horse galloping gallop...

The lovely daffodils are lingering, go on!

Everything will pass...

He suddenly lost his IQ, but he could see through you and guess his mind.

Dear Narcissus, please continue to linger...!

In silence! There is no extra word, just like his verse:

"Not De Kooning's "Interlacing",

It's not Picasso's "Girl of Yanon";

It's actually painful, the pale yellow paint, and the orange on the palette.

Can you turn those suspicions and doubts into a thicker color?

"Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple"

Lying in their own paint tube and sleeping peacefully,

Never disturb my mind;

How are you, dear Narcissus? !

He took up the paintbrush and smeared all the paint on his face,

He buried his face in the canvas again, tearing pain, he saw black and red, there are green mountains and green waters...

An abstract painting is about to be born...!

No, no, no,

What he wants is red with absolute black,

It's like the ornate of longing and longing.

How are you, dear Narcissus? !

No no, never once

Shed a drop of tears,

At least during the rainy season in Los Angeles...

No no, never once

Listened to music like this,

At least one person in the middle of the night...

He listened to Rachel’s Lullaby quietly,

Suppressing sadness in the quiet, graceful and quiet,

He asked the composer, who did you make the music for? The composer said she was a little girl, her name was Rachel.

Oh I got it! It turned out to be so clean and pure.

Still not a single teardrop slipped,

Only a few traces of faint sadness, his season?

Nothing like the past, I shed tears...!

He even laughed,

There is no particular pain in the empty chest.

How are you, dear Narcissus? !

Ride a horse to the lake, like the drowned prince in "Forget-me-not".

Not enough?

Then lay down on the ground like a Ragusos daffodil and die with self-pity...

Finally, you can come back to life with a smile, waiting for the expectation...!

That day, when he stood at the golden section on the stage facing the crowded audience, he completely recited the sad poem of the sad poet:

"When You Are Old"

And freeze the frame next time with the follow-up light! ! !

As if he saw his shadow...not dead.

And hum ha-ha ​​in the polyphony of music..

Come on...

You can finally be calm.

How are you, dear Narcissus? !

On the way home that day, he continued to be handsome...

Take off the tie, shake the dust, kiss goodbye to the cheek of the elder sister photographer, and leave in a hurry...

He thought he could continue to be strong and no longer remember you,

Yes, he wants to completely erase you from the phone...

When the song "Tarzan of the Apes" sounded, how could there be waves of unknown pain in his chest?

"I will be here don’t you cry, I will be here don’t you cry."

The black female driver next to him hummed to the song over and over again...

"I will be here don’t you cry, I will be here don’t you cry."

She sang innocently, and every time she sang a word, a heart-wrenching pain appeared in his chest...

He still tried to smile at her, chatting with her on irrelevant topics,

In this way, the ripples of pain in the chest are alleviated...

It doesn't matter, everything will pass!

She said to him that day, let him not be afraid, and take him through the thorns to move on...

He admitted that he was more sensitive than her to see through all her thoughts,

So, I just waited for the time...

I remember that it was a certain day in March, and it was Pisces' birthday. He decided to remove her from the iPhone, thoroughly.

He thought he was a real man from now on.

Why the damn lyrics floated into his ears again,

Why did there be tingling ripples in his chest again,

It doesn't matter, everything will pass...

Only Rachel’s Lullaby sounded over and over again...!

How are you, dear Narcissus? !

Written on 03/10/2018 in Diamond Bar, California



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