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The MFTFAA Art Event Held at the Dream Space Art Studios

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The annual MFTFAA (Music, Food, Tech, Fashion, and Art) art exchange was held at DreamSpace Art Studios in Los Angeles, California. The event was hosted by "The Neon Queen", Lisa Schulte, a renowned neon artist who led the art exchange activities on Sunday, September 4th. Despite the over 100-degree temperatures in Los Angeles, many people came out and enjoyed the event and seeing Lisa's artwork.

Artist Lisa Schulte and TV host Joey Zhou, founder of the Los Angeles Beverly Arts

Lisa Schulte is an American artist, also known as "The Neon Queen", who is best known for her work in expressive neon sculpture. Her work is exhibited at galleries and museums internationally. Schulte started bending neon in the early 1980s, creating custom neon signs and neon prop rentals to the entertainment industry under her Los Angeles-based neon studio, Nights of Neon. In addition to making her own art, Schulte produces custom designs and signage for clients that have included: Showtime, The WB, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, ABC, Nike, CBS, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Gucci, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, YSL, KARMA Automotive, & NBC.

The attendees at the event included artists and musicians - Christina Craemer, Marisabel Bazan, Moncho 1929, Darrick Deshaun, JaneDAO, saKegirlz, Livelihood Bucky P, Bale, Ahh Fresh 'kru, J Aktive, and many others. The Beverly Arts News and Art Channel interviewed Lisa Schultes, with journalist Virag Vida asking the questions:

"How does it feel to hear that you have been invited to be a judge for the 2021-2022 LABA Most Influential and Valuable Artist Award?

Ms. Schulte said that she was very grateful to the LABA International Arts Festival Organizing Committee for inviting her to be a judge and to participate in this month's selection. As a recipient of this year's LABA Icon Award, she looks forward to working with the other judges to do a good job in the selection of the "2021-2022 LABA Most Influential and Valuable Artist."

During the interview, Ms. Schulte had an international connection with Mr. Jiannan Huang, the first blue-chip artist of the LABA International Art Festival.

Artist Lisa Schulte interviewed with Jiannan Huang (cell phone) by journalist Virag Vida

“Well, Mr. Huang, we know that you have just concluded the press conference of your North American Influence Report, as a blue-chip artist of the LABA 2021-2022 LABA International Arts Festival, as one of the candidates nominated for the " 2021-2022 LABA Most Influential and Valuable Artist Global Award". How does it feel?"

LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang

Mr. Huang: "First of all, I am very happy to be one of the candidates for this selection, and I am very grateful to the organizing committee for their support and recognition of my artistic creation.

In addition, I learned that this selection has very strict norms and standards, which is conducive to ensuring the fairness and impartiality of the selection, and is also conducive to better cooperation and exchanges between artists on this platform.

In the end, what I want to say is that it is not important to win or not, but participation is important, because artistic creation cannot be done behind closed doors, it needs to go out boldly, and needs to communicate and make an impact. I believe that such a high-level selection will definitely stimulate our creative enthusiasm and allow the audience to see more valuable works of art."

Jiannan Huang is one of the world's finest artists, specializing in Chinese ink and oil painting. He is ranked third on the 2020 Hurun China Art List and 19th on the Hurun Global List with sales of $29 million. Huang holds several positions - Director of the Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association, member of the French National Artists Committee, art consultant for the World Low Carbon Cities Alliance, and France Jiny City Gold Medal Honorary Citizen. He was awarded the title of "Earl" by the Indonesian Royal Family. In 2021 , he was given an honorary membership into the Royal Society of St. George (RSSG), California Branch, and received the RSSG "Master of Arts" Award in 2022

Artist Lisa Schulte and TV host/LABA founder Joey Zhou with her LABA Icon Award

As the founder of "LABA Los Angeles Beverly Arts International Art Festival," Mr. Joey Zhou was also interviewed by journalist Virag Vida.

Mr. Zhou said: "First of all, I'm just one of the founders. Our LABA International Arts Festival has over ten board members including Rémy Aron, President of the French Artists Association, Dr. James Daichendt, Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts, Oscar winner Paul Ottosson, Princess Karen Cantrell, Chairman of The Royal Society of St. George, California Branch, Todd Williamson, chairman of the West Hollywood Arts Council, and neon artist Lisa Schulte.

TV host/LABA founder Joey Zhou interviewed by journalist Virag Vida

Second, the "2021-2022 LABA Most Influential and Valuable Artist Award" is a highly professional selection. Although, the secret ballot we conducted this month was only an on-site invitation to representatives of the main judges. However, the selection rules were formulated by the LABA International Art Festival Jury after many thoughtful discussions.

Third, on September 28th last year, our LABA International Arts Festival selected 150 candidates from around the world. In this "2021-2022 LABA Most Influential and Valuable Artist Award", the LABA jury will select the list of artists in the world ranking by secret ballot on the spot through specific data and relevant terms.

All secret ballots will be conducted under the supervision of our appointed law firm. Finally, the list of the top 10 artists of the "2021-2022 LABA Most Influential and Valuable Artist Award" will be announced on the day of voting."

Afterwards, Ms. Schulte gave a tour of the studio to Joey Zhou and Mr. Jiannan Huang, who was communicating by cell phone, so they could enjoy the artwork and activities of "DreamSpace Art Studios" and "MFTFAA".

Guests enjoy the MFTFAA event

A musician performs at the MFTFAA event

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