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"The Clarion of The Civilization" - A Poem

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

by Joey Zhou

When the epidemic is raging, all contemplation and expression will be different from before. It is not to say that the written text will be more philosophical and deep, because there are major events related to life and death as the background, and our thinking will be more transparent, like a huge alum suddenly injected between heaven and earth, which will dissolve our fountain of thought more and more. Clear, so our value system is getting closer to the truth.

 1. When the horn of civilization blew, it was time for us to be ready to go on the thorny road at a critical moment. Each of us was a hero. Either charge forward or go forward, or stick to your post, or shake your flag. In short, when the disaster comes, a word of encouragement and warmth is a hero praise, even a small smile is the warmest gift.

2. When the horn of civilization sounds, even if the cost of goodness is high, we must insist on goodness; for the end result of mischief will bring abyss. Remember, sincere kindness is the manifestation of our highest wisdom.

3. When the horn of civilization sounds, don't be discouraged, let alone depressed. No one can decide your destiny and define your future. The future destiny is in our own hands. When we use the will of dripping through the stone, we polish a delicate work with hard-working hands. At this point, we have mastered the technology of turning stone into gold. At this point, we no longer need to prove to anyone who once doubted us, because we have reached another high peak.

4. When the horn of civilization blew, we were already on the road to glory and dreams. At this moment we can do our best to concentrate calmly on our focused cause. For envy, jealousy, contempt, and attack that do not have good intentions and ulterior motives, we must rejoice and applaud, and even laugh loudly. Think about it. If even the evil and crooked people mixed in to praise our team, it can only prove that we are going in the wrong direction, and we are likely to converge and march toward the swamp south and north. The reverse is also true. All those fallacies and heresies that run counter to us are just the rumbling drums of our struggle.

5. When the horn of civilization sounds, we should try to stay away from those who are contrary to our value system. We can release the greatest kindness, but there are always people with ulterior motives who use our goodness as an outlet for their own misfortunes and interests. Be very careful at this point, the pause button is in our hands. Please don't waste time for others to feel that we are weak and deceived. If necessary, tell the other side clearly that our position and bottom line are not available. This methodological rule applies between races and between nations.

6. When the horn of civilization sounds, no matter how long the difficult time is, we must learn to persist in the upwind. We will go hand in hand in the stormy days. This is the first choice for all skin colors, races, and ethnic groups. Being positive and optimistic is the most glorious road of human nature. Over time, this centripetal force and cohesion will cast our indestructible fighting power.

7. When the horn of civilization sounds, integrity, courage, and kindness are always the laws of survival that we humans rely on. Between ethnic groups and countries, it is not how much we know each other, but how well we know each other. The real winner is always to let the other party know how much we can do in the future. It is said that it is better to laugh better than to laugh earlier, and to laugh more than the last one. Smile is always the best gift to the world.

8. When the horn of civilization sounds, a family, an ethnic group, and a country should never dislike or abandon the elderly. The healthy and longevity of 80- and 90-year-olds is not only a sign of a civilized society, but their spiritual wealth becomes more precious as they age. If a centenarian can call the name of a country, it indicates that the country is blessed and cared for, and the long-lived centuries-old horoscope also brings the good fortune of the country and the people to the world we live in.

9. When the horn of civilization sounds, don't always be self-righteous and self-smart. The wealth and glory we receive today belongs to God. God temporarily allows us to take possession of wealth while testing our conscience against the test of greed. When God has not recovered our wealth, we must remember that being a person valuable to the world is more respectable than having wealth, and it is also more blessed by God!

10, When the horn of civilization sounds, if disaster strikes, not panic is respect for the disaster. Any curse on disasters does nothing to hurt them. We must bravely face disasters, face them, and treat them objectively. Time is our only reliance on disasters, and time is our recipe for disasters. When the hard times come to an end, naturally there will be no worse days. At this moment, patience and courage, perseverance and persistence, confidence and hope will bring us unexpected surprises. We love you in the world, and human civilization will never stop.



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