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The Age of Faith

Author: Joey Zhou 

This is the age of faith, this is the age of abandonment; this is the age of firm belief, this is the age of jealousy. Only when the disaster strikes will we return to the glory of humanity.

1. We must firmly believe that no matter when and where you are, whether you are the president or a civilian, whether you are the richest man or a beggar, the gap between our inherent superiority before the disaster will be narrowed to a negligible level, and the "What if" naturally brings to us is the most fair and reasonable balance in the face of disasters. This balance can measure both the skin blood and the spiritual conscience. The weight is self-knowledge.

2. We must also firmly believe that when disaster strikes us, panic is helpless, and our inherent conscience, goodwill, perseverance, courage, mutual assistance, compassion, and sympathy will naturally show the bottom of human nature. To help her is to help us. This is not only a natural logical feedback from nature, but also the most valuable spiritual food for our future return to our conscience.

3. We must firmly believe how dark time will eventually pass, and we are greeted by all kinds of light. We must also have reason to believe that no matter how hard times we are in, we are the connection point of an important miracle in the past 5,000 years and the next 5,000 years. This miracle is that we are all an indispensable screw on a civilized ship. This screw is an irreplaceable key link part.

4. We must also firmly believe that when the alarm of the virus presses the pause button of the rhythm of life, when the entire world is in an uproar, we can collectively calm down and think, what is the ghost that sent the virus? We trace the roots from the technical level to draw accidental conclusions, and from the perspective of the development of civilization, we will find that the arrival of the virus is inevitable.

5. We must firmly believe that viruses are not demons. Because the virus and biological cells have coexisted for 4 billion years, why did the Pandora's box of the virus suddenly open in the early 21st century? Could it be another evolutionary process that originated from the anthropoid ape that evolved from 50 million years ago to 5 million years ago, or is it a devastating natural disaster like black death, smallpox, and the Spanish plague? And more possibilities are biased towards the latter.

6. We must firmly believe that no matter how high the infection rate and mortality rate, this cannot defeat us humans. Just as human beings, how can we be inspired by this disaster? You love humans, humans retain your soul, you love the world, and the world leaves your footprints. Yes, this inspiration is fraternity.

7. We must firmly believe that the virus is not specifically for the weak and the poor. The fact that more than 30 world celebrities in more than 190 countries are infected with the virus has awakened us that the virus is the common object that human beings must face. Only by insisting on the community of human destiny will this deadly virus disappear.

8. We must firmly believe that the kindest person is actually the one with the highest IQ and EQ. For example, Mother Teresa, her virtues not only saved the dying patient, Mother Teresa is the human spirit. Mother Teresa devoted all her passion and life to help the poor and those in need. Mother Teresa's spirit is a flowing river, there is an inclusive sea. She has set an example of helping others for humanity.

9. We must firmly believe that the cost of our human pursuit of affluent development cannot be based on the cost of destroying our living resources, just as our individual pursuit of wealth cannot sacrifice the cost of personal health. Worst of all, this kind of radical upside-down development will allow us to pay back everything we get, such as a large-scale devastating disaster.

10. We must believe that the thousands of injuries and deaths caused by viruses remind us that our civilized ships must be rusted. Let us not easily curse the ravages of the virus. We should pray for the dead, pray for the living, and pray for the dead to rest! Pray for our health and longevity! Pray for the plants and trees around us! Pray to the world! Pray for humanity!



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