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"Spear and Shield from Paris“ - A Poem

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Author: Joey Zhou

Style: Magical Realism

Music: YouTube link:

Translated from Joey Zhou’s original Chinese poem

Slowly sat in the box on the right side of the red velvet curtain

Hold the spear of rage in another dimension!!!

Golden section

Shield point where it stood...

Obviously that is the chant of the mezzo soprano, and then the bass an octave lower...

The male and female duet sang in unison, the song of triumph was louder

Suddenly, it stopped...

All the spears pierced the shield!

Shield, as the audience left their seats, went outside the opera house

Actually, I have already woke up!

It’s just that I clearly saw hundreds of soldiers


Standing with throwing spear


Wait again...!

Am I still on the stage in my dream?

No, never!

I have woken up...

With spear

In another world...

Then step on the steed and gallop into the treble of long singing and chanting

Written on 05/24/2017 in Los Angeles, California



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