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"New Concept" - A Poem

Author: Joey Zhou (Translated from Chinese version)

The relationship between our thinking and time and space

Like a fish swimming in a glass tank...

Looks free and beautiful;

In fact, it is always trapped in the concept of a fish tank...?

Beyond thinking,

time travelling,

The fish tank that imprisons our thinking must be smashed!

Tear up the dictionary,

Beyond language,

Establish a new concept for the entire future earth civilization!

There are several trials of future civilization that must be acted immediately,

Such as creating in outer space:

"Human Heritage Base"

And build a space-adapted,

"New species breeding base for humans".

Our current exploration of space is called,

Slow-moving "science fiction entertainment";

This kind of "arrogant, selfish, selfish, fishbowl-like exploration",

We will wait for disaster in the end...

Friends, do you remember the Jurassic disaster?

At that time,

Dinosaurs have actually ruled the entire earth!


Are we creatures smarter than dinosaurs?

In case

Even "floods, droughts, earthquakes" cannot predict, prevent and control the wisdom,

It can be ignored in the face of cosmic disasters!


All in front of the universe,

Fifty steps laugh a hundred steps!

Our curiosity,

Let us discover black holes in the distant universe and the particles of God,

For thousands of years,

Are we still spinning in the solar system?

In the vast universe,

We are extremely low-level cosmic creatures!

The Hawking brother was right: "Humans are very dangerous to come into contact with aliens"!

No need to listen to those scientific crooks say:

"The disaster of the earth only occurs once in billions of years"!

The basic logic to deny this lie is,

Human technology, which cannot even predict earthquakes, actually controls the law of cosmic disasters?

The logic of any disaster predicts that the crisis is anytime and anywhere,

In other words, every minute!

The earth and people are fragile and helpless in front of the universe,

Any disaster will destroy you at the last second of peace,

Is there an appointment for disaster?

To establish a "new species of humanity",

Establish a "new concept of the universe"

This is the only way for us to rebuild ourselves, save ourselves, and surpass ourselves!


There is another important suggestion that needs to be established in outer space

"Human Gene Data Cryptographic Base"

So even if our round of light years is not in time,

In the future, there will be people who shed tears for us,

In other words, the new species of human beings who possess all the superior genes and genetic codes of our earth creatures can continue our exploration...!

Here comes a very simple question,

How to stand the egg upside down on the table?

"Break the egg",

What did Columbus say?

-- Written in Los Angeles on 2/10/2013



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