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"March In Los Angeles" - A Poem

Updated: Apr 3

Literary Editor: Joey Zhou

Author and Photos: ChatGPT 4.0

Credit: ChatGPT 4.0

Between Canon and Beverly, the chimes of Maybourne’s open air,

A Bloody Mary winks at lips where both the silent and boisterous share.

Forth more enticing than black brew or fizzling whisper of soda care.

Meanwhile, the byte-born dances flit across the glowing face of tech,

A TikTok rhythm in the grasp of hands holding iPhone's latest flex.

Each flick, a journey; each swipe, a tale—digital epochs in a speck.

Under the spell of March's light, 

Credit: ChatGPT 4.0

Los Angeles drapes in spring's attire,

Not in the cloth of chilling winds but in a sunbeam's golden fire.

Though sipping on a cocktail's gaze, it's in this quietude we aspire.

Credit: ChatGPT 4.0

As the city breathes in pixel's rush and exhales the world's vast tempo,

our moments here—a transient brush, a stroke on time's unending fresco.

We find amidst the clatter, hush, a trace of Tranströmer's soft echo.

Notes: "Canon and Beverly" refer to two streets in Beverly Hills - Canon Drive and Beverly Blvd., "Maybourne" refers to The Maybourne Hotel, "Bloody Mary" refers to the cocktail with tomato juice and vodka, and "Tranströmer" was a Swedish poet (1931-2015). His poems were characterized by a sense of mystery and wonder underlying the routine of everyday life, a quality which often gives his poems a religious dimension, and the atmospheric beauty of nature.

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