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"Light in Space" Exhibition Opens at the Pacific Design Center

Updated: May 2

Steve Galindo, curator at Future DMND Gallery, Christopher Gialanella, publisher of Los Angeles Magazine, Paal Anand, artist, Todd Williamson, artist, Laddie John Dill, artist, Issa Ababseh, curator at Future DMND Gallery, and Joey Zhou, TV host, founder of Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) and TBA News

West Hollywood, California, USA. 25th April, 2024. The "Light in Space" art exhibition opened at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, featuring a collaborative curation by Steve Galindo and Issa Ababseh of Future DMND Gallery and prominent local artists. The artists included Los Angeles-based artists Todd Williamson, Laddie John Dill, and Paal Anand. The opening night event was highlighted with a panel discussion moderated by Christopher Gialanella, the publisher of Los Angeles Magazine.

Moderator Christopher Gialanella, artists Laddie John Dill, Todd Williamson, Paal Anand, and curator Issa Ababseh

Moderator Christopher Gialanella and artist Laddie John Dill

As a reverential exploration of the realms of art and design, the exhibition explores the profound interplay of Light within Space. Light, a primal force succinctly defined as the medium that “stimulates sight and renders things visible,” embodies the radiant essence permitting our perception of the corporeal world. Simultaneously, Space, delineated as a “continuous expanse, free, available, or unoccupied,” unfolds as the expansive canvas upon which this thematic exploration unfolds. The artists showcased in the exhibition confronted the convergence of

Light in Space in distinctive ways, guiding the audience through the metaphysical dimensions of their creations, and inviting the contemplation Light and Space.

Artist Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson is a Los Angeles-based contemporary artist and former arts commissioner for West Hollywood, California, where he served as chairman of the West Hollywood Arts Council for many years. He studied at the American Academy in Rome, Italy, the New Opera House in Naples, Italy, the Skopelos Foundation-Skopelos in Greece, the International Academy of Art in Venice, Italy, and the Louise Bourgeois Artists Salon in New York. Williamson is the recipient of the prestigious Pollock Krasner Foundation Award. His work has been exhibited around the world including Galerie Michael in Beverly Hills, Georges Bergès Gallery in New York City, Nicole Longnecker Gallery in Houston, Texas, Premium Modern Art in Germany, and Art 1307 Gallery in Italy.

Artist Laddie John Dill

Laddie John Dill is a Los Angeles-based artist and a central figure in the California Light and Space movement. Dill has been crafting light and earthy materials like concrete, glass, sand, and metal into luminous sculptures, wall pieces, and installations since the 1970s. His paintings on canvas, feature pigments derived from cement and natural oxides. Referring to his choice of materials, Dill explains: “I was influenced by Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Sonnier, Robert Smithson, Dennis Oppenheim, and Robert Irwin, who were working with earth materials, light, and space as an alternative to easel painting.” He was one of the first Los Angeles artists to exhibit “light and space” work in New York at the Illeanna Sonnabend Gallery in 1971.

Artist Paal Anand

Paal Anand is a visual storyteller who is inspired by the fantastical and the surreal. For his latest photography series, he was drawn to the enduring narratives of Greek mythology and the rich tapestry of tales centered around gods, heroes, and the eternal. Before becoming an artist, Anand worked on making digital images in the commercial world for blockbuster motion pictures, broadcast, music videos, and brands. He has been involved in pioneering technical developments for computer generated imaging and digital compositing. His credits include work such as Hellboy, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the music video for Eminem’s “Without Me.” His love for photography started while interning as a student at RKS Design and learning how to use the large format cameras and using them to capture product stills.

Panel discussion with the artists and curator Issa Ababseh

The attendees included Maria Hughes, director of marketing at the Pacific Design Center, art collector Joan Quinn, curator Amanda Quinn Olivar, Christina Craemer, professor Richard Wearn of Cal State Los Angeles, director/filmmaker Harrison Engle, and many others. Two artists from China who are participants in the LABA Biennial International Art Festival attended by video conference including Chun Liu and Qiuli Si.

Artist Todd Williamson, LABA host Maxwell Gobbell with artist Chun Liu attending by video conference, and director/filmmaker Harrison Engle

Artist Qiuli Si attending by video conference from China, and director/filmmaker Harrison Engle

TV host Joey Zhou, founder of LABA and TBA News

The event concluded with a speech by TV host Joey Zhou, founder of LABA and TBA News, where he shared his own contemplations on Light and Space:

"What is light? In my understanding, light is not merely energy, nor just brightness, but it is the essence of our hearts and souls. When our souls are illuminated, light becomes infinitely brighter and more radiant. Sometimes, in darkness, when we suddenly see a sky full of stars, these stars bring us hope and joy.


Remember the artist Jiannan Huang? As a young man, he walked 40,000 kilometers to pursue his art across China, often sleeping beside cemeteries. I refer to his journey as "the road of chasing light." Today, Mr. Huang is the premier Blue Chip Artist at the Los Angeles Beverly Arts International Art Festival. From Huang's story, we learn that to find light, one must embody light.

Artist Jiannan Huang in his art studio in Beijing, China


Look at my right foot—my right heel has become inflamed. In the past, this would have deterred me from joining this gathering, let alone rallying our LABA team for this event. Yet, what compels me to speak with you today, I believe, is light—the power of light.


Allow me to conclude with the language of light: "Light in space comes not only from the sun—it emanates from your mind. Light in space arises not only from the beyond—it springs from close to your heart. Light in space is derived not only from others—it originates from within you. Everyone, my dear friends, you are light!"

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