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Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) Interview with Princess Karen Cantrell

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Santa Monica, California, USA. 10th February, 2021. TV host Joey Zhou interviewed Princess Karen Cantrell at a meeting and celebration of Lunar New Year at R+D Kitchen restaurant in Santa Monica. They did a video conference with artist Jiannan Huang to wish him Happy Lunar New Year and talked about his latest artwork. Then Joey Zhou interviewed Princess Karen Cantrell and recorded it on a cell phone. They discussed the upcoming Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) art show/exhibition, and Princess Karen Cantrell's activities as the chairperson of the Royal Society of St. George in California, the founder of the United Nations Association in the Coachella Valley, and her role as a Board Member and leader with LABA.

Here are highlights of the interview:

TV Host Joey Zhou Interviews Princess Karen Cantrell

As LABA is a new organization, it is looking to find the best ways to work with artists and promote their artwork in today's world. Transparency was discussed as one of the most important issues to address and create the trust that is needed for building strong relationships. Many artists are active in charities and build value for their artwork through donations and supporting worthy causes. LABA is looking to help artists make new connections, build communities, and find new markets for their artwork.


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