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Jiannan Huang Art Exhibition Grand Opening in Beijing on May 16th, 2021

Updated: May 18, 2021

Jiannan Huang gives a presentation to the audience at the opening of his art exhibition

Beijing, China. 16th May, 2021. Jiannan Huang's Art Exhibition called "Vision: The Beauty of Humanity and Nature" opened to a large audience at the China International Cultural Exchange Center in Beijing, China. Huang talked about his exhibition and the 60 paintings that were carefully chosen by himself for the theme and his artistic vision to show the beauty of the world through his art. His vibrant colors and mix of contemporary and traditional styles are the hallmarks of his unique style which has made him one of the most well-known and respected artists in China. This exhibition reflects the beauty of nature and humanity as seen through his artistry, and takes you on a journey beyond planet earth to the cosmos and the fantasy of the unknown in outer space.

Many people from all over the world sent their congratulations to Jiannan Huang for his exhibition, including Mr. Thomas Bach from the International Olympic Committee, members of the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) organization and other members of the art community in the United States. It was a wonderful day for Jiannan Huang and his art exhibition - a major milestone in his successful career.

Jiannan Huang is interviewed by the media about his exhibition

Jiannan Huang's opening attracted a large number of attendees who enjoy a formal presentation about his exhibition

It was standing room only as the crowd filled the room at the opening day presentation

An attendee takes a photo of one of Jiannan Huang's paintings on display

Jiannan Huang stands in front of his paintings at the exhibition

Jiannan Huang

An attendee stops to take a photo of one of Jiannan Huang's paintings

The entrance to Jiannan Huang's exhibition at the China International Cultural Exchange Center in Beijing, China

Jiannan Huang

Congratulations to Jiannan Huang from the United States

Princess Karen Cantrell, Co-chairman of LABA, Chairman of the Royal Society of St. George California, and Chairman of the Founder's Circle at the United Nations Association of the Coachella Valley

Harrison Engle, Hollywood Director and Filmmaker, Co-chairman of LABA

Art Critic and Professor G. James Daichendt of Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego

Street Artist Robbie Conal (Center) on a Zoom call with Professor B. James Daichendt (left) and TV host Joey Zhou (right). Jiannan Huang (iPad) joined in from China on the conference call

Carlos Amezcua of BeondTV

Sharon Amezcua, Chairman of the Boad of LABA

Professor Richard Wearn of California State University, Los Angeles



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