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"Huntington Beach Coast" - A Poem

Author: Joey Zhou

Note: The recent oil leak in Orange County has caused an ecological disaster. Huntington Beach, where I lived for several years, has suddenly become overshadowed.

The coast facing Huntington Beach Just let the wind blow your hair away Behind you is the bustling town And further away The call of the distant mountains to the north... The end of the sea level No hometown, a little shadow Only the sailing boat is left behind La la la La la la La la la... This is the last long note of the beauty in the sunset; Under dusk The wheelchair continues to stand on the beach When the wind blows away the white scarf in a woman's hand The final sculpture has been completed in the painting There is the noise of seagulls in the painting And the babble of the baby Sound of the waves Beach volleyball game sound Finally, there is the orange red of the intoxicating sunset dipped in the purple sky La la la La la la La la la... Sculptural woman Has been sculpted by the painter for two Christmases in a wheelchair The doctor can't say this Christmas

Will she

Completely become vegetative

How to stop the coming of Christmas

So that the end is gone forever

This is a problem

The sunset fades away

Christmas branches have been erected

The bell of the end is also about to ring

When the moon slowly rises

When the sky is full of stars

Suddenly, I remembered your singing... ()

La la la la la la la la la...

Did you hear that?

Woman in wheelchair

Did you hear that?

People far away

There is also a beauty in the sea of blossoming waves!

(The author's postscript in 2011 was rumored to be the end of the world in 2012, so he conceived the novel "The End of Christmas", which is one of the poems. Adapted on 2/13/2017)



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