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Ceramic Artist Qiuli Si Joins the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) Biennial International Art Festival


Artist Quili Si

Qiuli Si, a Beijing native, was born in 1968. Professional painter, consultant of Overseas Chinese Artists Association, curator of Qiuli Si Contemporary Ceramic Art Museum, legal representative of Jingdezhen Qiuli SiCeramic Art Co., LTD., founder of "Action for Peace" activity.

Artist Qiuli Si


Qiuli Si has been focusing on the creation of ceramic art. In 2015, Qiuli Si Ceramic Art was founded, and led a team of ceramic experts at home and abroad to study the new techniques, new concepts, new materials and new techniques of contemporary ceramic art. After years of research, we have made the world's largest porcelain plate art with a size of 8.7m x 2.8m x 16mm, and integrated ceramic technology with modern western contemporary art style to show culture and art in a richer and more diversified way, which is an unprecedented innovation in the Chinese ceramic art circle.

Artwork by Quili Si


Qiuli Si, who has traveled all over the world, has not only expressed the western abstract art concept on porcelain plate in his innovation of ceramic artworks, but also cleverly combined the special-shaped ceramic sculpture with the texture creation of porcelain plate painting. In the process of creation, the porcelain plate finally presents different artistic states through shaping, pile carving, painting and other molding methods.


Artwork by Quili Si

At the 2018 Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair, the work received widespread attention from people at home and abroad. The piece titled "Benevolence" was permanently collected by the Vatican Museum in 2019 and was featured on a Vatican commemorative coin issued in 2022. Qiuli Si was invited to meet with the Pope at the Vatican, and hundreds of media outlets from around the world visited.

Artwork by Quili Si

Artwork by Quili Si

In 2022, commissioned by the Jingdezhen government, the artist collaborated with four other teachers to create a large porcelain panel painting titled "Scenic Beauty of the Land" as a tribute to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party, placed in the Great Hall of the People to record the new era.

Video - Artist Qiuli Si

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