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"You Are My Hero" - A Poem

Author: Joey Zhou

Literary Editor: Joey Zhou

Translated from original Chinese poem by Joey Zhou

This is a poem published on an English website 10 years ago, and today it turned out to cooperate with the Oscar music wizard John William as the theme song for the opening ceremony of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, "Summon the Heroes".

1. Hear the loud horns:

2. Listen to the broken drumbeat:

3. Notice the middle melody and board part:

In my opinion, John Williams is a perfect defender of "neo-classicism." No matter how loud the trumpets and drums are in the first part of "Summoning the Heroes", they are inseparable from the main theme. The main theme is to summon heroes, and the hero seems to be coming to us in the cloud cover. The second part, "Olympic Spirit", sets off the main melody under the background of drums that herald the power of the spirit. The third part, "Bugler's Dream and Olympic Song and Dance Mix" is even more impressive. The music seems to be a mixture of drums and horns at the beginning, which seems to indicate the beginning of the dream, but after the end of the previous section, it is actually accompanied by a weak snare drum. At around 10 beats, pay attention to 10 beats of the drum. Then, unexpectedly, the elegant and warm melody comes out, which I found was comforting and refreshing. Williams laid his "neo-classical" music godfather on this creative piece of music!

Please savor this poem for its practical significance. Because each of us wants to survive, we should all be "Assassins Who Defend the Truth."


shed tears nowhere but in the rain,

thus no one knows of your sadness.

Concealing your smile,

you wobble on the road for assassination.

Having lost your sharp sword

and sense of direction,

you indulge yourself in dancing in the woods of freedom.

All at once, with lightning striking over the land, deep rolls the thunder.

Having picked up your weapon,

you stride on the road for assassination.


I inquired of you

about your target in the killing.

Is it an idol or a civilization?

You kept weeping…


Who entitled you to the assassination?

Under whose spell are you so obstinately tenacious and enthralled

that you leave no stone unturned in abolishing the rules of survival that have existed for thousands of years and demolishing the civilization that has carried us for generations?

At last,

you stopped weeping

and dried your tears.

Revealing the kind of mirth accompanied with assassination,

You write on the ground with the sword:

“We aren’t animals, nor are we plants. We get by on competition and interests before heading for annihilation through slaughter.

That’s how matters stand!

I join you in weeping for the civilization

and being an assassin who defends the truth.

Written 09/10/2010 in Los Angeles



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