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Contemporary Artist Chun Liu Joins the LABA Biennial International Art Festival

Artist Chun Liu

Chun Liu is a first-class artist in China and a prominent figure in the contemporary art world. Her exceptional contributions to the fusion of Chinese and Western artistic styles have earned her widespread recognition both domestically and internationally. Liu has received many honors and awards for her artwork which incorporate a commitment to innovation while honoring the traditions and heritage of Chinese culture. Her artistic goal is to find the source of beauty. Well-educated and successful in both art and business, Liu is the holder of double postgraduate degrees and the founder of Semo Painting.

Chun Liu

Here are some highlights of Chun Liu's artistic career:


January 2024 - awarded the honorary title of "People's Artist," at the "Strive for a New Journey - A New Era of Art" event where she was recommended by the China (Hong Kong) Artists Association, the Chinese Traditional Culture Development Committee, and others.

March 2024 - participated in the 15th Annual JUSTMAD International Contemporary Art Fair held at the Palacio Neptuno in Madrid, Spain.

Chun Liu


Awarded the honorary title of "State Diplomatic Gift Master".

January 2023 - invited to participate in the National Museum of China’s 20th National Ecological and Environmental Theme Exhibition in China.

February 2023 - selected as a "Famous Chinese Contemporary Art Master" by the Hong Kong Artists Association in China.

March 2023 - the "People's Artist" large-scale collection album was jointly published with Jin Shangyi, Fan Di'an, and other famous artists. It was selected by CCTV and named "CCTV Art Inheritor."

April 2023 - named the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage by the International Association for the Promotion of Intangible Culture and Art.

May 2023 - participated in the CCTV Help for Love event, and donated works worth 800,000 yuan, and selected as the "CCTV Love Ambassador."

May 2023 - hired as the "Silk Road Cultural Envoy" by the Silk Road Cities Alliance.

July 2023 - selected as a "CCTV Special Art Consultant" by the CCTV Art Famous Column Team.

September 2023 - on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Spain, invited to hold a personal exhibition at the European Museum of Modern Art in Spain. Received praise from artists and audiences in Spain, Italy, and other countries. Works were collected by the Barcelona Football Club Museum, and a stamp album of Liu's works were published by the China Philatelic Corporation, and collected by the Picasso Museum in Madrid.

November 2023 - awarded the first "World Chinese Art Golden Pen Award-Art Innovation Award."

December 2023 - after evaluation by many professional organizations such as the China (Hong Kong) Artists Association and the International Association for the Promotion of Intangible Culture and Art, was awarded "2023 Chinese Literary and Art Circle Person of the Year - China's Most Collectible Artist," and "The Most Influential Artist" honorary title

Chun Liu


January 2022 - won the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Spring Festival Gala Competition and was specially awarded the "Artistic Contribution Award". At the same time, was hired by the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Spring Festival Gala Organizing Committee as a calligraphy and painting art communication ambassador.

September 2022 - participated in the Art Exhibition of the Central and State Institutional Working Committee to celebrate the 20th National Congress and Strive for a New Journey. Artworks were well received and permanently collected by the China Audit Museum.

Chun Liu


Awarded the 2004 International Renaissance Award, highlighting the contribution to the integration of Chinese and Western art and culture.


May 2001 - won the first "Mother River" Award for outstanding contribution to protecting the mother river and the ecological environment.

June 2001 - a personal exhibition was held (Colorful Ink Painting) at the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference's Cultural and History Museum.


Served as the director and executive producer of the political commentary film "Saving the Yellow River" that was broadcast on CCTV One.

Chun Liu

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