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Artist Jie Geng's "East to West" Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany

Artist Jie Geng with his artwork

Frankfurt, Germany. 13th May, 2024. Artist Jie Geng, the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) Overseas Envoy, has a solo exhibition titled "East to West" of his contemporary Zen ink paintings in Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition is being held at a private art studio, Heilbronn TCAstatt No. 28 Jieshan Lanting Art Space, and will run through June 28th, 2024. This solo exhibition is a selection of 35 artworks that have been created during the past six years. The exhibition has received great reviews from the art community, including gallerists, collectors, and art scholars.

Artist Jie Geng with attendees at the exhibition

The art studio held a voting session of Geng's artworks with secret ballot scoring to encourage participation of the audience. The voting provided an interactive atmosphere to the art exhibition and encouraged discussion of his artwork. Geng responded, “Through such voting, commenting, and face-to-face art exchange activities with the audience, I have a deep understanding of the weight of each of my works in the hearts of European audiences, and I have gained a clearer understanding of the direction of my future creations, which has benefited me. Awesome!”

Artist Jie Geng prepares his artwork for the exhibition

A couple of attendees, shared their interpretations and views on his artwork. Art collector Mr. Thins stated, “Mr. Geng's Zen-like works have brought a fresh cultural atmosphere from Eastern Buddhist philosophy to Germany, making us feel an Eastern artist’s love for nature and human beings, humanities, and future sentiments.” Another attendee, Mr. Vioniha, a sociologist said, "The world is becoming more and more diverse, but the people who are kind and progressive, are all the same. Art is the best language for the global village of mankind. Art has no borders or language barriers, and with Mr. Geng's art, we all feel the same. Thanks to his artistic height and realm, he uses Zen art to interpret our complicated human direction. These works show the common feelings of all human beings. We thank him!”

About Jie Geng

Jie Geng is a contemporary artist born in Shuangliao City, Jilin Province, China in 1964. He currently lives in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China. As an artist, he specializes in contemporary Zen ink painting, oil painting, and sculpture creation. He has written many articles on art and published them in academic and professional publications, both at home and internationally. He is Vice President of Liaoxi Regional Culture Research Association of Bohai University, member of French National Artists Association, member of the Association of Artists and Sculptors of the Kingdom of Spain, member of French Century Art International Cultural Exchange Association, and Honorary citizen of Saint-Rémichevres, Paris-Versailles region, France.

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