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Visionary and Blue-chip Fine Art Artist Jiannan Huang Promotes Art Exchanges Between China & West

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Author: Monica Matulich

LABA Blue-chip Artist Jiannan Huang

Jiannan Huang, one of the most talented and creative artists in the Chinese contemporary art world, is renowned for his expressive style and innovative forms. Although based in Beijing, his astounding status and reputation have reached the global stage, attracting numerous artists seeking collaborations. In this article, we will delve into Jiannan Huang's background and his remarkable contributions to the art world.

Jiannan Huang's artworks encompass sculptures, paintings, and installations in various forms, covering themes that delve into nature, society, and human civilization. His pieces are brimming with vitality and vigor, showcasing unique perspectives and profound reflections on the world. Huang's artistic achievements have garnered widespread recognition and high appraisals in the international art market, as evidenced by his inclusion in the 2020 Hurun China Art List with art sales totaling $29 million.

Painting by Jiannan Huang

Artists from around the world have extended invitations to collaborate with Huang. His talent and distinctive style have not only earned the appreciation of artists in China and Asia but have also garnered a high reputation and standing in Europe and America. The following are the main reasons why these artists seek to collaborate with him:

Firstly, Huang's artworks have garnered global attention. He has achieved great acclaim not only in the Chinese art market but also in the art markets of European and American countries. His paintings and installations have been exhibited worldwide, receiving praise from individuals from all walks of life. Consequently, he has become one of the leading artists globally, which serves as the primary reason why many foreign artists extend invitations to collaborate with him.

Painting by Jiannan Huang

Secondly, Huang's collaborations with other artists have opened up new ideas and perspectives for his artistic creations. Through these collaborations, many artists have been exposed to his unique viewpoints and ways of thinking, which have expanded their creative thinking and enhanced their artistic accomplishments. In numerous collaborative projects, Huang has shared his artistic skills and creative methods, enabling other artists to overcome creative barriers and achieve new artistic breakthroughs.

Painting by Jiannan Huang

Thirdly, Huang's active promotion and exhibitions in Europe and America have elevated the international popularity and reputation of his artworks. He not only showcases and promotes his works in Europe and America but also engages in collaborations with local artists, drawing significant attention within the local art circles. This further facilitates opportunities for other artists to exhibit their works locally, ultimately promoting art exchanges between China and the West.

Lastly, Huang's friendly and cooperative spirit, coupled with his willingness to explore the unknown, makes other artists more inclined to collaborate with him. Through his amiable, open, and constructive approach to cooperation, Huang has garnered recognition and trust from many artists. His cooperative mindset and openness make other artists more receptive to his invitations, fostering exploration and joint creation.

Painting by Jiannan Huang

In summary, Huang is a talented and creative artist whose artistic style and ideas have received widespread recognition and high appraisal within the international art community. His artworks embody unique forms and themes, reflecting profound contemplation and distinctive perspectives on the world. The concept of cooperation and openness he advocates deeply inspires and influences other artists. It is safe to say that he is a superstar in the global art world and an influential facilitator of art exchanges between China and the West.

"Jiannan Huang is a poet in the painting world and a romantic knight, an architect who orchestrates music on a drawing board, and an engineer of the arts who illuminates this world with a brilliant light." - Joey Zhou, founder of The Beverly Arts.

LABA Blue-chip Artist Jiannan Huang

About Jiannan Huang:

"Jiannan Huang stands as one of the most outstanding artists in the contemporary world. He is a master of Chinese ink painting, credited with pioneering the method of combining ink painting techniques with oil painting. In addition to his inclusion in the 2020 Hurun China Art List with art sales reaching $29 million, he holds several prestigious positions, including Director of the Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association, Member of the French National Artists Committee, Art Consultant of the World Low-Carbon Cities Alliance, and Gold Medalist of Guinee, France Citizens. Huang has also been conferred with the title of His Royal Highness "Count" by the Indonesian royal family and has been honored with the title of the Royal Knight of the Order of the Sac of Constantine, Italy. In April 2021, he was awarded honorary membership of the Royal Society of St. George (RSSG), California. On October 28, 2020, Huang was invited by the organizing committee of the LABA International Art Festival to participate as a blue-chip artist. In March 2022, he was bestowed the title of "Master of Arts" by the RSSG. The month of March 2022 was named "Jiannan Huang Month" by the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) International Art Festival.

Recently, eight of Huang's works have reached a new valuation peak, with a market price of $20 million. Consequently, Huang has emerged as one of the most significant and influential Asian artists in the North American art world. Since 2015, Huang has consistently ranked in the top ten of the Hurun Art Ranking. In 2020, he secured the third position on the Hurun Art List for Chinese artists and the nineteenth position on the Hurun Global Art List, solidifying his position as one of the world's top artists. Huang also holds the twenty-first position in the "Top 500 Global Contemporary Artists" at Artprice, the authoritative website for European and American art. He is one of the few Chinese artists who have successfully entered the mainstream European auction market."

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