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Chef Jack Hao Interviewed by TV Host Joey Zhou at Pink Moon Restaurant

Chef Jack Hao of Pink Moon Restaurant and TV host Joey Zhou, founder of the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA)

Beverly Hills, California, USA. 9th April. 2024. TV host Joey Zhou, founder of the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA), interviewed Chef Jack Hao of Pink Moon Restaurant for The Beverly Arts Channel in Beverly Hills, California. Chef Hao is a Chinese cooking master, who pursues nutritious post-modern food that he refers to as "Neoclassical Chinese Cuisine." Pink Moon is a Michelin-style gourmet restaurant that recently opened in Beverly Hills. Chef Jack Hao studied under national treasure-level cooking masters Mr. Hou Ruixuan and Mr. Lu Changhai. He is one of the "Four Young Masters of Beijing" in new-style Chinese cuisine.

TV host Joey Zhou interviews Chef Jack Hao

Chef Hao talked about his menu and explained that the dishes are derived from traditional Chinese cooking techniques and combined with modern Western approaches. His goal is to create his own style that combines other cultures and a neoclassical approach - a gourmet fusion cuisine that integrates Chinese and Western cooking. While his dishes strive to express the best of traditional Chinese food culture, he boldly innovates and likes to add his own twist. As a chef, he enjoys being challenged with difficult to prepare dishes and strives to be world-class at everything he prepares for his customers.

Actor/host Maxwell Gobbell, Chef Jack Hao, and TV host Joey Zhou

Model/actress Dustin Quick and actor/host Maxwell Gobbell, stopped by the interview to meet Chef Hao and see the restaurant. Chef Hao prepared some luncheon dishes for everyone to enjoy and welcomed them to the restaurant. He also served boba tea, and showed the variety of Asian beverages that are a specialty on their menu. Chef Hao's concept is classical, modern, natural, and healthy - a fusion cuisine that combines multiples cultures and the arts of modern cooking.

Chef Jack Hao and model/actress Dustin Quick at the Pink Moon Restaurant form the shape of a moon with their arms

About Pink Moon Restaurant

Step into The Pink Moon, Beverly Hills' gem where tradition meets trend. Indulge in a symphony of authentic Chinese flavors, each dish a masterpiece of culinary artistry. Sip on our exclusive boba teas, a fusion of classic taste and modern flair, or elevate your evening with our handcrafted cocktails, each a blend of elegance and excitement. In our chic, pink-hued paradise, every moment is an upscale experience, where luxury dining becomes an unforgettable journey. Come enjoy our new menu from our 3 star Michelin chef. We have a great selection of drinks and we would be happy to suggest one that pairs well with your order.

Chef Jack Hao of Pink Moon Restaurant and TV host Joey Zhou, founder of the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA)

About Chef Hao

Chef Jack Hao is a Chinese star chef, an international Top ten figures of the Health and Food Association, international judge of the World Chefs Federation, national evaluator, referee, senior technician, responsible for banquet design and production for the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou International Fair, senior consultant of the first Chinese-Western Catering Exchange Summit Forum, Ziyun, Beijing Executive chef and production director of Xuan, executive chef of Beijing Royal Inn, and production director of Beijing Jasmine Restaurant. Founder of Beijing Thyme House brand.

About Joey Zhou

Joey Zhou is an international TV host, event producer, founder of The Beverly Arts, the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) Biennial International Art Festival, producer/director of the "Zhou Zheng Art Channel", and founder/host of the Zhou Zheng Show”, an independent TV talk show with millions of viewers (channels 62.3 and 31.2). Originally from China, Joey came to the U.S. on an academic scholarship and completed a fellowship with the White House Information Agency in media communications.  He returned to China to teach college and began a career as a media host doing interviews for newspapers, radio, and television. Joey was appointed to be an honorary member of the Royal Society of St. George (RSSG), California Branch in 2019 and was made an honorary member of the United Nations Association of the USA in 2020.  In 2021, he received the 1st Annual LABA Icon Award, and in 2022, the RSSG American Culture Award.

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