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"The Sun is the Same" Art Exhibition Held at Architectural Home

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Studio City, California, USA. 28th July, 2021. "The Sun is the Same" exhibition opened today at the architectural home of David Thompson of Assembledge+ in Studio City, California. The exhibition brought together the work of five artists: Raymond Pettibon, Shane Guffogg, Christina Craemer, Joe Davidson, & Todd Williamson in a salon-style environment. The modernistic home features glass walls that open up to the outdoor living areas and was designed by architect David Thompson. The setting was an ideal location for viewing artwork that was curated into the different facets of a contemporary living environment.

Paintings by Todd Williamson

Artist Todd Williamson with his paintings

Artist Christina Craemer with her paintings

Sculpture by Joe Davidson (dirty washcloths) and painting by Christina Craemer

Artist Joe Davidson with one of his sculptures

Artwork by Raymond Pettibon

Architect David Thompson of Assembledge+ at the entrance to his home and the exhibition

TV Host Joey Zhou visited the exhibition and interviewed Todd Williamson about the exhibition and his work as an artist. Artist Jiannan Huang visited the exhibition by video conference from China and was able to share a virtual tour of his studio.

Todd Williamson and Joey Zhou

Todd Williamson and Joey Zhou with Jiannan Huang (cell phone) on video conference

Joey Zhou with Jiannan Huang (cell phone) on video conference

Joey Zhou and David Thompson

Joey Zhou and Christina Craemer

Joe Davidson and Joey Zhou

Joey Zhou and Todd Williamson


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