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"The Rose on the Black and White Keyboard" - A Poem

Updated: May 10, 2022

Author: Joey Zhou

Music compilation: Joey Zhou

Music: YouTube link -

Literary adaptation: Joey Zhou

Introduction: "Some people say that my poems are not written to be understood and leave them confused. I will say that I am at this age and it is my instinct to be confused. But I like to seek truth, such as "Excuse" and "The Code of Life". It’s a bit of youthful simplicity and curiosity. It’s no wonder that my current physical ability is the best in my life. Therefore, my poetry is truth as it is.

This new work "The Rose on the Black and White Piano Keys" combined with Mahler's Fifth Symphony can be intoxicating, and even a little bit more can melt you!

I remember, the first time I listened to Mahler’s music. I was watching a Gucci TV commercial at the Baccarat Hotel in New York at Christmas 2016. It was a trick played by the handsome guy Jared Leto leading a group of beautiful women (, for this, I also wrote "Awakening from a Dream Is the Thought of Sin", which those under the age of 18 should not read.


Never believe in withering,

It was loyal to be gorgeous, loyal to have obsessive willfulness, and a blood-like obsession in willfulness.

In fact, I don't want to be sad, just like the first time I saw you with your head down, the wrinkles on the petals, and the roses scattered all over the place in the trembling.

What I don't want to hurt is the emotions, the shadows in the emotions, the green leaves and flowers in the shadows, and the rushing in the flowers...

Crumple it up with your fingers, turn your back to your silhouette in the moonlight, and have the most affectionate long kiss.

Let go, the clenched petals fall one after another.

Turn around? Accidentally touched a set of black and white keys. This time, there is no thorn, but it brings out a long sound that is still fresh in memory.

And the anxiety one after another!



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