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The Background Music

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Poem by Joey Zhou (Inspired by the novel "Depe"s Love)

You have a memory recalled,

There is a melody that is not just sad

There is an intimate sentence that has been overwhelmed,

There is a past that has blown away in the wind ...!

Twenty years ago, memories met in Michigan. Even if the paintings were covered with the forests of Michigan, the linen top and the galloping brown horse were restored to the movies we saw together.

The reverie that passed by 20 years later, like the quilt you just washed, the dark incense has memories, and the memories are all hot marks;

We are no longer youthful, no longer expecting, no longer embracing and weeping, and no longer looking forward to great love;

We don’t even believe anymore, we no longer believe that there will be a reunion.

The intimate words are no longer revisited,

That past is sad and broken in my heart

It ’s just the impression of the memory that reminds people to remember,

Recall that melody returns to the earth;


The background music is telling a great story ...

And the right life in the process



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