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The Art of Jiannan Huang - A Private Viewing Event in Beverly Hills

Updated: May 28, 2021

Harrison Engel, Joey Zhou, Princess Karen Cantrell, Sharon Amezcua, Carlos Amezcua

Beverly Hills, California, USA. 26th May, 2021. The Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) and the LABA Los Angeles International Art Festival are proud to announce a unique art event called "Inextricably Linked: The Art of Jiannan Huang." The private viewing event (or vernissage) of his artwork took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Three of his original oil paintings were on display for invited guests to view. The artwork that was on display was "Inextricably Linked," "The Sky of Sky," and "Earth Code."

Jiannan Huang, also known as Miao Jian, is one of the World's finest artists in oil painting and traditional Chinese ink painting. He is Gold Medal-winner of the Global Charity Alliance and was awarded the title of "Earl" by the Indonesian Royal Family. Huang has been on the Hurun China Art List published by the Hurun Research Institute for seven years. In 2020, Jiannan ranked 3rd on the Hurun Art List for Chinese artists and 19th on the Hurun Global Art List as one of the top artists in the World. Jiannan is ranked 21st in the "Top 500 Global Contemporary Artists" at Artprice, the authoritative European and American art website. In his early years, Jiannan walked more than 38,000 kilometers across China, traveled north and south, and went deep into desert villages and towns to see the country and experience life for creating his art.

Jiannan Huang

Due to travel restrictions, artist Jiannan Huang was not able to attend the event in Beverly Hills. However, he was able to join by video conference to interact with guests from his studio in Beijing, China, making this a truly international art and cultural exchange event.

The event was sponsored by LABA and the LABA Los Angeles International Art Festival, the Royal Society of St. George, California Branch, the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA), and the US Art Bank. The event was held to promote international art and cultural exchange and the upcoming LABA International Art Festival.

Today's viewing event was hosted by visionary and philanthropist Princess Karen Cantrell, the rotating chairperson of the LABA International Art Festival 2021-2022. The keynote speaker was Mr. Barry Simon, President of the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA), Southern California.

Princess Karen Cantrell

Mr. Simon spoke about "Art as an Access to Fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals." Other speakers included Ike Khamisani, President of the UNA-USA, Inland Empire, a co-sponsor of the LABA Los Angeles International Art Festival 2021-2022. Sharon Amezcua, Chairman of the LABA Board of Directors, discuss "The Future of the Art Business in the Commercial Sector." Richard Wearn, Professor of Art at Cal State University, will give a visual presentation about: " Jiannan Huang: A Chinese Blue Chip Artist with Accumulation of World Art Language.”

Mr. Barry Simon

Ike Khamisani

Professor Richard Wearn

Sharon Amezcua

Joey Zhou, Co-Founder and Chairman of LABA and the LABA Los Angeles International Art Festival, spoke about "How Inseparable and Inextricable Passion can Create the Perfect World."

Joey Zhou

The VIP guests included Harrison Engle, Director/filmmaker, Todd Williamson, Artist and Chairman of the West Hollywood Art Committee, Princess Karen Cantrell, Chairman of the California Chapter of the Royal Society of St. George, Carlos Amezcua, Emmy Award winner and Co-founder of Beond.TV, Christine Devine, Fox News anchor, Paul Ottosson, three-time Academy Award winner, Karen Han, Internationally renowned musician and composer, Homeira Goldstein, President of Arte Ave and Chairman of the Board of Arts Manhattan, Lynn Marks, Art Consultant for Galerie Michael, Christina Craemer, Artist and Art Consultant, and Laura Angelini, Award-winning singer and philanthropist.

Professor Richard Wearn, Christina Craemer, Todd Williamson with "The Sky of Sky" oil painting (left) by Jiannan Huang

Joey Zhou and Princess Karen Cantrell

Paul Ottosson, Laura Angelini, Princess Karen Cantrell, Karen Han, Mr. Barry Simon

Joey Zhou and Ike Khamisani

Homeira Goldstein

Lynn Marks, Christina Craemer, Princess Karen Cantrell

Carlos Amezcua and Christine Devine

Laura Angelini

Karen Han and Paul Ottosson

Joey Zhou, Christine Devine, and Princess Karen Cantrell

Princess Karen Cantrell, Todd Williamson, Joey Zhou

Princess Karen Cantrell, Joey Zhou, Ike Khamisani, Carlos Amezcua

Champagne Luncheon

Princess Karen Cantrell, Sharon Amezcua

Todd Williamson, Lynn Marks, Mr. Barry Simon

Ike Khamisani and Laura Angelini

Mr. Barry Simon, Paul Ottosson, Professor Richard Wearn, Sharon Amezcua, Carlos Amezcua, Harrison Engel

Laura Angelini with "Inextricably Linked" and "Earth Code" by Jiannan Huang

Mr. Barry Simon and Princess Karen Cantrell


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