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The 3rd LABA Icon Awards "American Cultural Awards" Held at the Four Seasons Hotel

Updated: Mar 12

LABA founder and TV host, Joey Zhou, Todd Williamson, Princess Karen Cantrell, Jessica Alba, Rosana Largo Rodriguez, Master Jiumei, and Michael Warren

Los Angeles, California, USA. 22nd September, 2023. The Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) held its 3rd Annual LABA Icon Awards at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. The event highlighted the importance of artistic expression and collaboration in a more inclusive and vibrant world. The evening brought together many exceptional and talented individuals in many respective fields to join in an elegant celebration of their accomplishments, artistry, and philanthropic endeavors.

The evening began with Mr. Philippe Milgrom sabering a bottle of champagne (opening a champagne bottle with a sword), to kick-off the event. Emcees LABA founder and TV host, Joey Zhou, and Princess Karen Cantrell welcomed the distinguished guests, nominees, and presenters.

Emcees Joey Zhou and Princess Karen Cantrell

A dazzling array of special guests graced the event, with renowned names such as actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba, actress and RHOBH Crystal Kung Minkoff, singer Stephanie Spruill, director Rob Minkoff, Oscar winner Paul Ottosson, musician Karen Han, and more. Singer Chris Mann known for the TV show“The Voice,” and his role as Phantom in the North American tour of Phantom of the Opera regaled the audience with his melodious renditions, including “The Music of the Night” and a captivating version of “Hallelujah,” reflecting his versatile musical journey.

The winners at the LABA Icon Awards “American Cultural Awards” ceremony were:

1. Alexandra Grant

2. George Bergès

3. Rosana Largo Rodriguez

4. Michael Warren

5. Tony (Xiaojun) Hu

6. Jason June

7. Senator Ben Allen

8. Dr. Lingyun Xiang

9. Chris Mann

10. Cynzia Simonelli Penna

11.Gordon Sun

12. Master Jiumei LAMA

13. Jiannan Huang - Lifetime Achievement Award

Joey Zhou, Princess Karen Cantrell with LABA Blue Chip Artist Jiannan Huang (iPad),and Todd Willliamson

The winners were given trophies and special gifts from LABA and the sponsors. This year the LABA Icon Awards Committee chose the theme "American Culture Awards" for 3rd Annual LABA Icon Awards trophies.

LABA Icon Awards trophies

The awards ceremony collaborated with The Beverly Arts Foundation to launch “Stand for Artists,” a charity endeavor enabling LABA artists to donate their artwork. The proceeds are aimed to fortify the charitable program for Disabled Artists, supporting the creative endeavors of ten disabled artists selected globally.

Julie Shen, the founder of M3&JMK Modeling Academy, produced a fashion show with six models showing some of the latest designer apparel to add some sparkle to the event.

Models from M3&JMK Modeling Academy

Models from M3&JMK Modeling Academy

In addition to the previous award-winners who participated in presenting the awards to the honorees, the 3rd Annual LABA Icon Award winners and presenters included:

  • American Visual Artist Alexandra Grant was honored by Paul N. J. Ottosson, a three-time Oscar winner, sound mixer, and sound designer.

  • Artist and photographer Michael Warren’s award was presented by his son Cash Warren, Film Producer and Entrepreneur.

  • Acclaimed singer Chris Mann was honored by Zehra Sun, the CEO and Founder of MDSUN.

  • Designer and Artist Gordon Sun was presented his award by Robert Minkoff Filmmaker/Director.

  • Art Curator Cynzia Simonelli Penna was presented his award by Douglas Ivanovich, Awarding Winning Producer World Peace One.

  • Master Jiumei LAMA received her accolade from Harrison Engle, Award-Winning Director and Filmmaker.

  • Chef Tony (Xiaojun) Hu, a celebrity chef and distinguished restaurateur was presented his award by Todd Williamson, a prominent contemporary artist.

  • Notable Author Jason June was presented his award by Lisa Smith, International Lawyer, Philanthropist, and 2022 LABA Icon Award winner. (Jason June was unable to attend; the award was accepted by Nicolas Marlin on his behalf.)

  • Distinguished Senator Ben Allen was presented his award by Philippe Milgrom, a wine and champagne expert. (Senator Allen was unable to attend; the award was accepted by Artist Todd Williamson on his behalf.)

  • Economist Professor Lingyun Xiang was presented his award by William Jacques.

  • Art Gallerist Georges Bergès was presented his award by Joe Kiani, CEO of Masimo (Medical Technology Company).

  • Spanish Artist Rosana Largo Rodriguez was honored her award by Stephanie Spruill, Singer, and Recording Artist

  • LABA Blue-chip Artist Jiannan Huang was presented his award by Lisa Schulte, the Artist known as “The Neon Queen”. (Jiannan Huang was unable to attend, the award was accepted by Harrison Engle on his behalf.)

Joey Zhou, Alexandra Grant, Paul Ottosson, and Princess Karen Cantrell

Cash Warren, Joey Zhou, Michael Warren, and Princess Karen Cantrell

Joey Zhou, Zehra Sun, Chris Mann, Princess Karen Cantrell

Joey Zhou, Rob Minkoff, Gordon Sun, and Princess Karen Cantrell

Joey Zhou, Cynzia Simonelli Penna, Douglas Ivanovich, and Princess Karen Cantrell

Joey Zhou, Master Jiumei LAMA, Harrison Engle, Princess Karen Cantrell

Joey Zhou, Todd Williamson, Tony (Xiaojun) Hu, and Princess Karen Cantrell

Joey Zhou, William Jacques, Lingyun Xiang, and Princess Karen Cantrell

Joey Zhou, Georges Bergès, Joe Kiani, and Princess Karen Cantrell

Stephanie Spruill, Joey Zhou, Rosana Largo Rodriguez, and Princess Karen Cantrell

Joey Zhou, Lisa Schulte, Harrison Engle (Lifetime Achievement award for Jiannan Huang), and Princess Karen Cantrell

One of the highlights of the awards ceremony was that Cash Warren, a film producer and entrepreneur, presented the award to his father, Michael Warren, artist and photographer. Both gave touching speeches which brought a few tears to the audience and added joy to the moment.

Joey Zhou unveils the collaboration artwork by Lisa Schulte and LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang

Both the Silent Auction and the on-site art auction raised money for the LABA charity "Stand For Artists". Artist Lisa Schulte unveiled a collaborative artwork with LABA Blue-chip Artist Jiannan Huang called, “Silver River Flowing through Golden Valley”. Schulte, known as “The Neon Queen,” shared insights into her cross-border collaborative journey with National Contemporary and Modern Artist Jiannan Huang, symbolizing the harmonious blending of artistic spirits and visions. Finally, the neon sculpture show worth $5million, was unveiled to the audience by host Joey Zhou and brought an exciting conclusion to the event.

Live auction winner Tony (Xiaojun) Hu with the artwork by Jiannan Huang

The sponsors of the event were MDSUN, Meta News, US Ningbo General Chamber of Commerce, HeGuang Zen Retreat Center, Lao Sze Chuan USA Group, Wenkang Xue International Interior Design Studio, Keppi Fitness, M3&JMK Modeling Academy, Aris A Shennel Trading Group, and US Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce.

About The Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA)

The Beverly Arts is a groundbreaking initiative, illuminating the artistic landscape of Beverly Hills and surrounding areas, including an innovative art festival in 2021-2022. Founded by the visionary Joey Zhou, and a team of distinguished partners specializing in art, fashion, education, entertainment, and international business, The Beverly Arts is sculpting a platform where art, fashion, business, charities, and the community converge, fostering unique and fruitful collaborations and enriching relationships.

The Beverly Arts News is sponsored by The Beverly Arts Foundation



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