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"Sometimes When We Touch" - A Poem

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Author: Joey Zhou

Genre: Magical Realism

Translated from a Chinese poem by Joey Zhou

Music: YouTube Link -

A glass of champagne is tasteless but freezes back and forth in the summer breeze.

It's slightly sweet between the lips and teeth...

In the crystal clear, a burst of red dress drifted by...

It should be a supporting role, but because of a special invitation to the throne of a song of ice and fire.

Hahaha, a 20-year strategy has carried out a great brewing in a heartless heart...

Election is a game, throne is power, and love is eternal.

We always think,

The most exciting plot comes from the past, but the screenwriter is making history;

We always think,

The most fun game is throne, as everyone knows that the fight for fate is the truth.

If the earth is a screen, we are performing lively 3D and 3D plots of Game of Thrones every day.

Forget about the past, forgot about champagne, and forgot about red lips,

I forgot the throne, I forgot to hug, I forgot the red dress,

Remember the HBO plot and the guidelines in the plot,

The plots that have been staged are not necessarily all in the past tense.

Remember the Dragon Mom in the drama and the current and future performances performed by Dragon Mom...

The corners of the mouth mean that the filaments rise up,

Pause, leaning over

Tilt slightly again,

Bring it on! Sip another sip of champagne.

Note: The "Game of Thrones” is a medieval epic fantasy theme produced by the American HBO television network



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