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"Phalaenopsis" - A Poem

Author: Joey Zhou

Translated from Zhou’s original Chinese poem.

Note: Inspired by my thoughts while watching the Tokyo Olympics

The allure is that the butterfly fluttering is brilliant,

From the rolling rocky mountains to the snow-covered summit of Fuji.

The most charming flowers are wishes,

From the early morning dew in North America to the night at the Tokyo stadium.

Phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis,

Hidden your affection,

Hid your kindness,

Hidden is your passionate wish.

Every time you shake your head with the wind, it is implicated,

Every time I think about passion is love,

Every time I bow my head and sigh is a shout,

Every time we wait and expect is forever.

The most important thing is that bowing and sighing is anticipation,

The most gentle smile is implicated,

Enchanted Phalaenopsis.

Written on 07/28/2021 in Los Angeles, California



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