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"Message 2024"

Updated: Jan 2

Author: Joey Zhou

Photo: AI Generated

In less than 12 hours, the 365 days of 2023 will disappear like fireworks in the night sky!

Although there has been a serious bloody conflict between Palestine and Israel in 2023, it will still be nothing compared to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Although mankind has gone through 2023 AD, it is still in a naive and barbaric state when it comes to resolving territorial disputes. 

Most people of insight are sincerely afraid of artificial intelligence (AI), especially the emergence of the upgraded version of ChatGpt in 2023, which seems to aggravate the further crisis of carbon-based life. It seems that carbon-based life is already in crisis! 

When I was trying to use ChatGpt to write poems and novels, I suddenly discovered the biggest shortcoming of using AI's ChatGpt: “It is difficult to restore the real experience experienced by individuals and the insurmountable concept of time and space." Yes! Time is the criterion for testing all truth, and it is also the concept that all carbon-based life, including silicon-based life, that cannot copy and change. 

Some say there is no time at all in the universe but only motion. When I was writing this "Message to 2024", I felt a large number of dark matter and dark particles pass through my body and pass before my eyes. 

Since humans created the concept of time from the sundial 6,000 years ago, that sun will always be the father of the earth.  At this point, when we look back on the past year, we can't help but feel filled with emotion. The various challenges and changes in 2023 we experienced will undoubtedly make us full of expectations and thoughts about the future. 

First, we must face the severe international situation. The continuation of the bloody conflict between Palestine and Israel and the Russia-Ukraine war has made mankind once again realize the preciousness of peace and development. The importance of resolving territorial disputes has become increasingly prominent, requiring all countries to work together to find ways to coexist peacefully. 

Secondly, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) also makes us think deeply. The advent of the upgraded version of ChatGpt has brought new possibilities and challenges. We must face up to the reality of the coexistence of carbon-based life and silicon-based life, and how to protect human value and dignity on the road to scientific and technological progress. 

Finally, the relationship between time and nature also requires us to think deeply. As the father of the earth, the sun is closely related to our lives. The passage of time is our understanding of the past and future, as well as our experience and growth in life. The year 2024 will be full of challenges and opportunities. Let us work together to write our future.

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