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Master Jiumei is Nominated for LABA Icon Award

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Master Jiumei

Beverly Hills, California, USA. 26th August, 2023. Master Jiumei, the founder of InLight International Meditation Center, distinguished leader, and best-selling author, has been nominated for a LABA Icon Award. Master Jiumei is a former congresswoman in China, who was deeply admired, and a female icon for a generation of Chinese elites. She is renowned for her work in the fashion industry, and won numerous awards, including the United Nations World Young Entrepreneur Outstanding Achievement Award. An an industry leader, she led a significant revolution in fashion, standardizing and developing the fashion industry, publishing the national fashion textbooks, and creating job opportunities for millions of people. She wrote over 10 bestseller books, including Cultivating a Charming Woman and New Feminism, which attracted millions of readers. She also founded the influential journals China Beauty Fashion Newspaper and New Humanity, and successfully hosted the "China International Beauty Fashion Week" for many years.

In her spiritual life, she has extensively studied and practiced Taoism, Buddhism and ancient yoga, and traveled around the world to explore the truth of life. Her spiritual journey includes China, the United States, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Mexico's Maya region, Japan, Thailand, Peru and Myanmar. In 2008, she founded the InLight International Zen Center, with a goal for the modern generation to return to their true self, observe the nature of life, and integrate their body, mind and soul. Her teachings and practices have inspired many thousands of people, including celebrities, scholars, artists and entrepreneurs.

In 2016, she entered the Karme Ling Retreat Center in the United States and completed four years of deep traditional retreats and successfully obtained the certification of senior practitioner achievement. During the past decade, Master Jiumei has been teaching InLight Yoga, Breath Adjustment and Meditation. In recent years, she has established new trainings such as InLight Fasting Retreat, Darkness meditation, Zen Tea, Zen Incense, Youth Meditation, Urban Life Zen and International Study Tour.

As a contemporary leader of spiritual practice, Master Jiumei excels at conveying profound life wisdom through clear and concise teachings, and addressing grand topics such as the meaning of life. She deeply understands the challenges and bottlenecks that modern people face and teaches the path to a calm, healthy, wise, and joyful life. For decades, with great aspiration, a broad mind, and extensive love, she has influenced and led thousands of people to an effective path of spiritual growth, achieving the opening and transformation of new life.

In 2022, InLight expanded its teachings to the United States and established its international meditation center in the world-renowned energy field of Mt. Shasta. Meanwhile, InLight has hosted numerous public classes, meditation retreats, youth camps, international courses and zen journeys across the United States. InLight also initiated in-depth discussions on contemporary spiritual growth at Stanford University. Today, Master Jiumei continues to inspire countless spiritual practitioners with her great compassion, enthusiasm, and love.

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