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Let the Sky Go Upside Down, Everything is Flying and Falling into the Abyss

Author: Joey Zhou

Those frivolous, naive, and even those sins just baptized the self. We grew up today; denying not only allows us to surround the abyss, but also proves that we have never really lived. Mutual encouragement!

Even if

Stand on your toes to the top of Mount Everest,

Complete a 360 degree rotation

Even if

Free fall from the edge of space with 39,000 vertices

A supersonic feat

Even if

Sink into the bottom of the Mariana Trench 10,000 meters

Let your mind fight a baptism of maximum air pressure

Even if

Let the sky go upside down, everything is flying

And falling into the abyss...!

The dew on the moss on the cliff filled with eagle eyes

Below the blue sky and white clouds are the abyss and the stars in the abyss

Let your toes stand on the trunk of green pine and cypress

Or turn around

Or jump into the silver waterfall

Or temptation.

The green grass hides the messy footprints of coyotes foraging

On the top of the mountain hangs the sympathy of the chicks calling

Who's over there

Struck a fatal heart string?

Who is in the deep valley

Are there daffodils in it?

Or flutter in the wind...

Or remember long ago...

Or wait for tomorrow...!

Let the sky go upside down ,

Everything is flying and falling into the abyss...!



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