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LABA International Art Festival Artist Haoyue Tan Launches Her First Solo Art Exhibition

Artist Haoyue Tan

Chongqing, China. 25th March, 2023. Artist Haoyue Tan, a young female artist in China, launched her first solo oil painting exhibition called "Ignorance and Fearlessness" at the National Art Museum at No. 15 Nishang Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing. Haoyue Tan is one of the 100 shortlisted artists in the world for the first LABA International Art Festival in 2021-2022. Her quintessential works have been recognized by the art world for many years. More than 50 guests from all walks of life participated in the opening ceremony held in Chongqing, China. Her personal oil painting exhibition will be held in Chongqing Huatoutiao Ethnic Art Museum through May 25, 2023.

Painting by Haoyue Tan

Tan is a very talented young painter, who expresses her thoughts and ideas with a brush. Tan was born in November 1999 in the mountain city of Chongqing and was greatly influenced by her father, Jun Tan, an oil painter, and her grandmother, a vocalist. Tan showed an extraordinary talent for the arts at a young age, and followed her dreams into the fields of music and fine art. “I use my paintings to convey different emotions, so they have no fixed style, and the colors are more varied."

At the opening ceremony, Tan expressed her heartfelt thanks to the guests. She expressed her thanks to all the support of the seniors, who encouraged her to express her artistic vision without restriction. As a young artist, she realizes, that she has a long way to go. This exhibition is a testament to the her artistic achievements, to her spirit of exploration. Li Haizhou, editor-in-chief of the "Global Human Geography" magazine and a famous poet, said that her grasp of color, her mastery of artistic language, and artistic symbols is very rare among artists of her age, "I hope she can go down the road of art."

Haoyue Tan speaks to attendees at her art exhibition

A well-known art critic and editor of "Asian Art" commented that when looking at her artwork, the audience will be amazed by her random brushwork, the maturity of her expression, and the smoothness of her execution that makes one forget that this is a young woman's work. Her works have a strong self-confidence, and the hearty brushwork seems to be born in the picture. A kind of wantonness without presupposition and prejudgment.

Haoyue Tan Art Exhibition

As a member of the Chinese Contemporary Women's Painting Association and a member of the New Knight International Art Union, Haoyue Tan entered the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts for training in September 2021. She has participated in many art exhibitions and won many awards, including being included in "Chinese Contemporary Art Documentation 2016", "Chinese Contemporary Art Documentation 2017", and having oil paintings published in the full page of "Wall Street Journal." She was shortlisted for the first Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) International Art Festival and the top 100 of the world's most influential artists at the LABA International Art Exhibition.

Painting by Haoyue Tan

In this exhibition, Tan will display many of her representative artworks and oil paintings. These works are full of strong artistic flavor and a fearless spirit of exploration, reflecting Tan's process of continuous improvement and self-transcendence in the world of art. In September 2019, she was included in the ranks of representative artists (1949-2019 Beijing) of the large-scale art documentation "Chinese Women's Art", and published her own "Haoyue Tan Oil Painting Collection" in October 2019.

In March 2022, Haoyue Tan became the exclusive signing artist with Baidu Baijia Account Chongqing Center. In April 2022, her oil painting "Fengwu" was collected by the National Museum of China. In March 2022, her work "Wind Flower" won the third prize of "International Abstract Network Exhibition" and was collected by the China Collectors Association.

Haoyue Tan Art Exhibition

The organizer of the "Ignorance and Fearlessness" exhibition, the Haoyue Tan Oil Painting Exhibition, is the Museum of National Art. The co-organizers include Chongqing Jiuqian Huiche World and Chongqing Huatoutiao Culture and Art Co., Ltd., and supporters are Maoshu Art Foundation and Global Human Geography. Media support has been provided by Baidu Baijiahao Chongqing Center, Wangrun Group and Chongqing Ke.

Joey Zhou,the founding chairman of the LABA International Art Festival, and Harrison Engle, the co-chairman, also sent congratulatory messages in the name of the organizing committee of the LABA International Art festival. They sent their congratulations to Haoyue Tan, and wished her success for her first solo exhibition.

TV host and LABA founder Joey Zhou and Director Harrison Engle

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