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LABA Icon Award Winner Lisa Schulte Exhibiting at "Formless Form" Exhibition at Mash Gallery

Updated: May 15, 2022

Los Angeles, California, USA. 14th May, 2022. LABA Icon Award winner Lisa Schulte will be exhibiting as a part of the "Formless Form" exhibition held at the new home for the Mash Gallery in Los Angeles at 812 N. La Cienega Blvd., in the center of the art, entertainment, design and music community.

In celebration of the new Mash Gallery location, founder and owner of MASH Gallery, Haleh Mashian, selected a stellar selection of artists for the Grand Opening night on May 14th. Selected artists include Mashian herself and Bruce MacDonald, Anthony Liggins, Kenny Nguyen, LeRone Wilson, Aman Shekarchi, Chase Langford, Alberto Sanchez, Bryan Ricci, Lisa Schulte, and Frank Hyder.

Lisa Schulte is an American artist, also known as "The Neon Queen", who is best known for her work in expressive neon sculpture. Schulte started bending neon in the early 1980s, creating custom neon signs and neon prop rentals to the entertainment industry under her Los Angeles-based neon studio, Nights of Neon.

Haleh Mashian states, "I am incredibly excited to continue with my passion of bringing creative souls, patrons of art, and the community together. Mash Gallery will continue to be a hub for many facets of artistic expression, including contemporary fine art, fashion, and interior design. It has been an incredible journey to be part of the LA art scene and be involved with the growing and evolving zeitgeist."

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