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L.A. Producer Kim Holland’s Short Documentary “A Perfect Love” Wins Best Documentary Award

Producer Kevin Foster (front row, left to right), Avery Lumkins, and Molly Lumpkins holding the unique award, an inscripted Louisville Slugger bat celebrating the win, and producer Kim Holland. Producer and "A Perfect Love" 501(c)(3) nonprofit founder Steven Shen (back row, left), standing next to festival founder Conrad Bachmann.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA. 7th October, 2023. Competing among a group of 32 other feature and short documentaries, Producer Kim Holland and her team just won the “Best Documentary Award” at the Louisville International Film Festival on October 7, 2023, for their short documentary “A Perfect Love,” making it the 26th award of the year for this film.  An official selection at 56 international film festivals to date, it is also Oscar-qualified for the 2024 Academy Awards.  

The film will be screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival on October 17th at 8:15pm in Newport Beach, at The Lot 2, if anyone would like to see the film. It will be screening with other films that night under the category theme of "Never Short on Community" - click on the link for tickets and further information.

“A Perfect Love” is an inspirational story about one American family’s dream to adopt a child with special needs from China. Eight years and six children with special needs later, the family copes with the everyday struggles of bringing two worlds and cultures together to form an everlasting bond.

The Lumpkins’ story has not only struck a chord across the U.S. but abroad and has been accepted by film festivals in Canada, India, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Wales, Monaco, Russia, Croatia, Lithuania, and The Netherlands.

“What made this award particularly special,” Kim said, “Is that the entire family was in attendance to watch their story unfold on the big screen for the first time and celebrate the win—a perfect result honoring the huge hearts of the adoptive parents, Lisa and Gene Lumpkins, who have poured out their lives and love to give these children a future they would not otherwise have known.”

This year marks the 15th anniversary of The Louisville International Film Festival (LIFF), founded by veteran actor Conrad Bachmann and former Performers Governor for the National Academy of Television Arts.


Producer Kim Holland (far left) and her team for "A Perfect Love," a short documentary film that just won "Best Documentary Award," at the Louisville International Film Festival in Louisville, Kentucky.          



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