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Jiannan Huang's "Olympic Magnificence" Promotes the Olympics with Art

"Olympic Magnificence" by LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang

Beijing, China. 5th August, 2021. The excitement of the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo has been an inspiration to people all over the world. Each Olympic Games gives athletes and their countries an opportunity to share their culture with the global audience, especially the city that has been chosen to host the games. In honor of the upcoming 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, LABA Blue-chip artist, Jiannan Huang, has created a new painting called "Olympic Magnificence" which he hopes will inspire and spread the Olympic spirit for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games.

The oil painting "Olympic Magnificence" presents the grandness of the Olympic Games from the perspective of space. In this artwork, he uses an abstract composition and a variety of brush techniques to outline the shapes and add texture to the painting. The main body of the work is showing the corner of a large Olympic venue with the rhythmic with colorful notes of life around it. The irregular color shapes outside are the five global continents. His artistic mix of bold and blended colors adds a sense of energy and movement, demonstrating the vigor and vitality of the Olympic Games. Like the galaxies, stars, planets, and even life in the distant universe, all the elements are integrated together to represent the Olympic spirit of harmony, peace, and unity.

Jiannan Huang presents his painting, "Olympic Flowers", to President Bach of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

An Olympics program called "Cheering for the Olympics" was initiated in 2019 to help promote the 2022 Olympics in Beijing and to share Chinese art and culture to the world. "Cheering for the Olympics" is sponsored by the International Olympic Committee, and artist Jiannan Huang was chosen to be the Olympics 2022 Overseas Art Advisor. At the time, he presented a painting called "Olympic Flowers" to President Bach of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to express his appreciation and thank him for supporting the program.

LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang gives a presentation

"On the journey of the great road, there is great harmony," as stated Jiannan Huang. The Datong chapter of "Book of Rites" presents a comprehensive description of this ideal situation. Heaven and man are one, and the world is in harmony. The painting "Olympic Magnificence" is meant to break out of the ordinary time and space, and seek unity, friendship, and peace as advocated by the Olympic spirit. In the Olympic arena, there is no skin color, race, or war - only harmony, unity, peace, and progress. The painting "Olympic Magnificence" pays tribute to the Olympics in the name of art, and expresses the spirit of the Olympics. It can be described as the Olympics showing harmony in time, space, and beyond; where China, the East, the West, and the rest of the world are all united together by the Olympic spirit and the magnificence of the Olympic Games.



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