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Jiannan Huang Ranks First in LABA International Art Festival's MIMV Global Top 10 List

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Professor Richard Wearn, Todd Williamson, Rob Miller, LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang (iPad - by video conference), Princess Karen Cantrell, Harrison Engle, and Jesse Weiner

Beverly Hills, California, USA. 7th October, 2022. The Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) International Art Festival held its judging for the Global Top 10 Most Influential and Most Valuable Artists (MIMV) competition at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on September 29th, 2022, and LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang ranked in first place on the Global MIMV Top 10 List which was published today. The results of the Top 10 List were determined by five members of the Presidium of the Jury of the LABA International Art Festival who voted in person during a closed-door session that was overseen by Princess Karen Cantrell, the rotating chairman of the LABA International Art Festival. The MIMV Global Top 10 artists were chosen from the MIMV Global Top 20 List of artists that was previously announced on September 28th, 2022.

LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang ranked first in the LABA MIMV Global Top 10 List

The 2021-2022 LABA International Art Festival Most Influential and Most Valuable Artists (MIMV) Global Top 10 List are (in order of votes):

1. Jiannan Huang (China)

2. Rémy Aron (France)

3. Marisa Cauchiolo (USA)

4. Bobby Ruiz (USA)

5. Dave Tourje (USA)

6. Joe Davidson (USA)

7. Philippe De Kraan (Australia - tied for 7th) and Meeson Pae Yang (USA - tied for 7th)

8. Rosana Largo Rodriguez (Spain)

9. Devon Tsuno (USA - tied for 9th) and Macha Suzuki (USA - tied for 9th)

10. Joshua Elias (USA)

The selection criteria for judging the artists, as previously stated by Professor Richard Wearn, was as follows:

"First of all, the selected artists must have been shortlisted in the Beverly Hills "2021-2022 LABA International Arts Festival's Most Influential and Most Valuable Artists" Global List of the Top 150 artists. The list was announced to the world on September 28th, 2021, which includes some outstanding artists who are already well-known internationally. As long as they have been shortlisted for the "LABA Icon Awards" by the LABA International Art Festival on October 28th, 2020 through August 28th, 2022, these Top 20 artists are also included in the jury selection.

Lisa Schulte, Richard Wearn, Harrison Engle, Princess Karen Cantrell, Jesse Weiner, and Todd Williamson during the voting session

To be selected, the artist must demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to his artistic creation and have exhibited widely in various respected venues. The artist must create works of art that are innovative and novel in the field. The artist's work has to have a clear purpose. The artist must demonstrate professionalism in the field of fine art, and have a generous spirit and positive message to enhance the human experience. The artists must also be accredited by an institution, government entity, or other important cultural institution and clearly invest in their own work, not just focus on personal interests. The artist's work must transcend national or political ideologies, but address the broader concerns of all of humanity."

Jesse Weiner announces the results of the LABA Top 10 List

After the voting and the results were announced by Jesse Weiner, Jiannan Huang was contacted and joined by international connection/video conference from his studio in Beijing, China, to begin his interviews with American and Chinese media - some of the questions were:

Jiannan Huang is interviewed by the media by international connection/video conference

Question: Mr. Jiannan Huang, you were voted into the 2021-2022 LABA-MIMV Top 10 Most Influential and Valuable Artists in the World", and ranked first among the top 10. Can you talk about your mood at the moment?

Jiannan Huang: "I am very happy to receive this award. I would like to thank the organizing committee for their support and the recognition of my artistic creation. I think for me, winning the Top 10 this time is not the end, it's the beginning. This award can make me feel more confident, concentrate on creation, and create more good works to repay everyone's love. Thank you."

Question: We know that you are the first Blue-chip artist to be launched at the LABA International Art Festival. Do you think it is a popular expectation or an accident that you won the first place in the world?

Jiannan Huang: "There is a Chinese saying that no pie will fall from the sky. Whether it is a popular expectation or an unexpected joy, I think the achievement of any award is the result of accumulation over time, and requires our unremitting efforts and dedication. I will cherish this honor and continue to work hard!"

Question: Remember last year, you were the world's number one artist among the 150 shortlisted artists in the world. Today's final selection was the world's number one. Do you think this is a matter of course or is it obtained through fierce competition?

Jiannan Huang: I don't think there is anything logical in the world. Being able to stand out from so many outstanding artists is inseparable from the rigorous, meticulous and scientific closed-door selection by the organizing committee, and it is also inseparable from the efforts and spirit of exploration of the artists. Our ancestors said: if three people walk, there must be a teacher. I sincerely hope to communicate with more artists from all over the world on the platform of LABA, and learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses to make progress together. Thank you all!

Princess Karen Cantrell is interviewed by the media

Question: How did you feel about today's meeting?

Princess Karen Cantrell: It was stupendous! Such a wonderful event. The voting was intense. It's always difficult to make decisions. So we are really glad that we had five beautiful judges and they really took their time to make the decision. So it was great preparation in the beginning for all of our artists to be considered. And these decisions were calculated by Jesse Weiner, who is our attorney at the Los Angeles Beverly Arts. He flew in from New York and nothing was taken lightly. It's all very serious. It's very difficult to be an artist and to be judged for your work. So it's also can be intimidating. We gave them all the artists the greatest respect and love that they so deserved. And we made our decisions.

Harrison Engle is interviewed by the media

Question: You have so many incredible accomplishments directing over 40 films and doing so many different things. Can you tell us how you got involved with LABA?

Harrison Engle: Well, I've been part of the board of LABA for the last few years and I'm especially excited to have been a judge at this year's competition. This was a very exciting event for us and for for me. We saw the work of so many wonderful artists, and especially our final nominees were spectacular. It was a very tough decision that we had to make today, and we thought about it long and hard. And we saw wonderful art by these artists. Art is an international language, that is what we believe in, and why LABA exists. We want to spread the word about the humanizing and wonderful aspects of art.

Professor Richard Wearn is interviewed by the media

Question: I understand that you also do some writing for LABA. Can you tell us more about your writing?

Professor Richard Wearn: Yes, I typically write about contemporary art. I have been generating a lot of written material for the artists connected to LABA. Obviously, as a writer, it's a thinking game, and the thinking game is really coming from being an artist myself. So I work from that perspective in my writing. And I think writing on art is very important because sometimes it creates an interface that helps other people climb inside the minds of other artists. So, in order to do that, obviously, there's a lot of research and thinking that goes into it. But it's a privilege for me, because every time I read something, every time I look at a new artist, I'm learning, and learning a lot. And I find that to be an absolute privilege. It's something where I am fortunate to get that opportunity.

Jesse Weiner is interviewed by the media

Question: Jesse Weiner, please tell us what you do for LABA?

Jesse Weiner: I have been with LABA since the beginning. I'm a board member and legal legal counsel for the organization. And I'm so proud to be a member of it. I've been handling various transactions, and while I mostly do film and TV, nothing is more exciting than working with Joey Zhou and LABA, and I'm so proud to be a part of it.

Todd Williamson is interviewed by the media

Question: So, I understand that you are involved with the West Hollywood Arts Commission as well as LABA?

Todd Williamson: Yes, I have been on the West Hollywood Arts Commission, it's called the Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission, for the past 12 years. I've served as chair twice, so this is a similar type of thing where we help artists. It's a project I that definitely has my heart.

Joey Zhou is interviewed by the media

Question: Please tell everyone how you started LABA, as I understand that you are the founder.

Joey Zhou: I am known to my fans as a TV guy and TV host for more than 30 years. I started my career from China in radio and then did TV in the United States. I started my TV career here seven years ago, and I interviewed more than 40 artists from the mainstream. So, I think the world needs more art, so that is why I set up the LABA International Art Festival for the world. I interviewed lots of artists from Asian countries and around the world, professors, as well as local celebrated artists. I'm very happy right now! I cannot make sense of everything, but I know that I wanted the media here because I'm a media person. I wanted the media to tell the results - who is in the Top 10 List. Lastly, I want to say that art is forever, without art, we cannot imagine our lives!

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