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Jacky Zhang is Appointed to Senior Advisor to the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA)

Updated: 22 hours ago

Douglas Ivanovich, Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) Board member, Jacky Zhang, President of Euro-Americas-China Investment Promoting Association, and Harrison Engle, LABA Board member, present Jacky Zhang with his certificate of appointment to Senior Advisor for the LABA Biennial International Art Festival

San Gabriel, California, USA. 25th May, 2024. Jacky Zhang (Zhang Jiahao), President of Euro-Americas-China Investment Promoting Association (EACIPA), was appointed to Senior Advisor to the Board for the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) Biennial International Art Festival at a ceremony held at Array 36 Restaurant in San Gabriel, California. Zhang is an internationally renowned investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the founder of EACIPA, a nonprofit company that promotes economic exchanges and investment between Europe, America and China.

Zhang was one of the first Chinese from mainland China to work in an investment bank in the U.S., and was honored as being one the top ten leaders in the U.S.-China business economy. He has been hired as a senior economic adviser by 90 cities in China, is a Global Business Ambassador for Cambridge in the United Kingdom, and holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Cambridge. His book Daily Finance has been one of the most popular and best-selling financial books in China, with an English language edition is planned soon.

Douglas Ivanovich, LABA Board member, Jacky Zhang, author of Daily Finance with his book, and Harrison Engle, LABA Board member

Jesse J. Weiner, the Chief Legal Counsel for LABA sent Zhang a letter of congratulations on behalf of the LABA Team and attached a copy of the certificate. Princess Karen Cantrell, co-Chairman of LABA also sent her congratulations:


Euro-Americas-China Investment Promoting Association (EACIPA) is a non-profit, non-political international organization aiming to promote economic exchanges and investment cooperation between Europe, America and China. EACIPA works closely with governments, NGOs, academics, the private sector and other philanthropic organizations around the world to contribute to the economic prosperity and development of Europe, America and China.


Since its establishment, EACIPA has gathered more than 5,000 internationally renowned experts, scholars, professors and more than 4,000 outstanding entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries as members of the relevant co-operative organizations. Through the integration of high-end international resources, EACIPA provides a global and open investment promotion service platform for enhancing economic exchange between European, American, and Chinese companies.

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