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Happy New Year! LABA International Arts Festival 2021

Author: Joey Zhou Paintings by Artist: Jiannan Huang

Whenever the New Year's bell rings, the node of time seems to be like a piece of alum that sends a cylinder of clear water in the universe to the bottom; or like a flowing hourglass that suddenly stops measuring time. When did time start? Some say it was 2 billion light years ago, some say it was 25 billion light years ago, and others say it was 90 billion light years ago. But, no matter how long ago it was, time has always been an unknown infinity for us humans, and is what have defined as "forever". Man is to the fish in the aquarium, and we are the universe of fish. Man is to the universe, and we are the aquarium of fish, with the universe being the time everything starts - from that beginning and at that point, it all began as a dream.

Bang, bang, bang, as firecrackers blasted in unison, the fireworks bloomed: "Flicker lights the room and the flowers fall to the horizon... The moment you wave your arm, it’s another light-year . . . 15 billion light-years of legend is too short. Exile the answer in the boundless sky . . .

"Right and Wrong", "Right and Wrong", "Bright and Dark", "Life and Death" intertwine... the truth flickering and flickering. . . If everything cannot control the beginning, what end will we choose in the future? And another new staggered starting point. "(From Joey Zhou Poem "Interlaced")

Some people say that a fish's memory is only seven seconds. Regardless of whether this is true or not, we know that fish have shorter memories than humans. Memory comparisons of humans with fish may be a bit embarrassing for us humans. Look at the fish that swims in the fish tank, which for them has been melancholy. They always seem to swim in a small space with ease. If you don’t believe it, do we humans have a try? Ha ha ha, it is estimated that a fish with a human brain will die alone in three days. Is it time to admire the fishes swimming in the fish tank?

If we humans are the fish of the universe, then time is the ruler of the universe. Ha ha, if our brain is always full of time cells, it is estimated that time will wake up again and again, and there will be laughter, work, loneliness, old age, and even pause. Therefore, God’s ingenuity arranged it just right: "Fish to fish, man to man, universe to universe, time to time." When we put the cosmic hourglass upside down again, whether time is just a surging river, or when the festival comes, then everything seems to stop abruptly. Does the pause at this moment give us humans a great enlightenment? Perhaps this is the perfect node for us humans to look back on civilization, fear life, and send a message to the starry sky.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. . .

Happy New Year! Imagine it would be great if time could just pause for a second in our human lives. Yes, this second will definitely let us see a colorful and vigorous alternative world. My friend, if your eyes touch a fish in a fish tank again next time, please stop and watch. Because you are probably the universe that the fishes are yearning for.

It is precisely because we humans have a good memory that allows us to sound the horn of civilization time again and again.

Thanks for life! Thanks to the universe! Thanks to time again!


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