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Haoyue Tan - Fearless and Feminine, the Next Generation of Female Artists

"Flowers" - Haoyue Tan (2020)

Haoyue Tan (or Tan Haoyue) is a young artist from China who brings her own perspective to painting that is full of energy and life. Her brushstrokes are bold and expressive, with colors often mixed and blended on the canvas, giving the viewer a sense of movement to the underlying layers and textures of the paint. You can feel a free spirit in her artwork and a strong sense of self-confidence to break away from the traditional techniques in Chinese painting, and create a new style that is all her own. In many of Tan's paintings, you see things that are hidden beneath the complexity and depths of the layers, and while most of her paintings are completely abstract in nature, others have a person, face, or something recognizable that gently emerges from the rest of the painting.

"Night Walk" - Haoyue Tan (2019)

"Xiang" - Haoyue Tan (2016)

Haoyue Tan was born in Chongqing, China in 1999, and graduated from Chongqing Art School in 2016. Since graduating art school, she has been involved in many exhibitions in China as well as Europe, and has been active in the art community. She is a member of the China Contemporary Women's Painting Association and the New Knight International Art League. She is very accomplished as a young artist, with her artwork already being collected by individuals and institutions, including the Chinese Contemporary Art Museum in Chongqing, Shangdaoi, China.

"Treading Flowers" - Haoyue Tan (2020)

"Palace Cloth" - Haoyue Tan (2019)

While her brushstrokes are strong and fearless, there is a softness and femininity to Tan's paintings. The shades of pink and choices of brighter colors lend a more gentle and floral tone to her paintings that might otherwise seem turbulent and disturbing. It is her mix of fearlessness and femininity that captures your attention and draws you into her paintings. As you follow the ribbons of color, dots of paint, and sweeping movements of mixed colors, you can almost feel the rough edges of the paint that wind around the painting.

"Gone with the Wind" - Haoyue Tan (2019)

As a part of the next generation of female artists, Haoyue Tan is creating her own style that goes beyond the traditions of the past to bring a new vitality and perspective to the future of Chinese contemporary art.

Haoyue Tan

Haoyue Tan



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