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"Hands" - A Poem


Literary editor:Joey Zhou - he gave CHATGPT his own original English poem "Hands"

Music: (recommended by Joey Zhou)

In the hands of earth are mountains high,

And green valleys that between them lie,

But what of the dark green hand out of sight?

The hand of the sky is white clouds that sail,

Through wind and rain and misty veil,

But what of the hands of the wind and gale?

The thundering hand is lightning bright,

That strikes with power from height to height,

But what of time and space's own hand's might?

The universe's hand is gravity's grasp,

Black holes in stars that for aeons last,

But what of the black hole's own hand's clasp?

Nothingness reigns, all-consuming breath,

Creating, devouring, in birth and death,

But what of the soul in life's hands' depth?

For the human hand is the spirit's home,

Guiding and healing, and reaching to roam,

And in this, our soul's true hands are known.

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